7 February 2019

Insta January

Yey its my favourite month of the year! February!! 
Daylight hours are increasing, pancake day is coming up and.... its my birthday! But with it being February, it means the longestttttt month ever is over! Bye bye January! 

I am going to try to do a new regular monthly post this year rounding up the previous month on my instagram account. 

So lets wind back to the beginning of the month (Right to Left)
Christmas was over, its was time to start looking forward to fresh starts and healthy eating. I joined slimming world in October, so I tried to not go too mad over the Christmas season but before going back fully on plan, I had a lovely lunch out on New Years Eve with my boyfriend and parents so thats a good place to start.  

1) 31 Dec - Lunch at Devour - First visit to Devour at the Dyehouse based near Holmfirth (West Yorkshire) - authentic italian food in an industrial setting. Had heard good things about this new restaurant so we decided to go and see, we really enjoyed our lunch. see the original post for pictures of the food. 

2) 1 Jan - Dinner with the family - We celebrated the end of the festivities with a homemade curry at my brothers. It was lovely to have everyone together. My sister in law always has such a gorgeous tree fully decorated with individual baubles. I always like to try and find the green chilli and my favourite santa.  

3) 5 Jan - Fashion updates - I love red, it's a colour I wear in all seasons! Especially love it in summer paired with white and denim. I got a new stripe top from Boden to go with my Veja esplar I got from santa. Vegan trainers is not something I thought I would give up my Adidas stan for, but they are so comfy and if Meghan has a pair, I must be in fashion!
4) 5 Jan - Fashion Update continued 

5) 8 Jan - Shopping in Leeds / Coffee at John Lewis - I hadn't been doing much sale shopping in person, but that doesn't mean I didn't browse online. I always have a list of items I will buy if I end up finding them at a good discount. I popped into Leeds with mum on this Sunday, it was pretty quiet, and we didn't really find much. I did however try on some Ugg palomar sneakers - I had seen them around and asked my friends what they thought and they were like noooooo  but they were so comfy and sometimes you have to put comfort first over fashion. No regrets, I bought them. Not yet featured them on my insta...yet. 

6) 12 Jan - Got some new black glasses from Eyewear Brands - I was sad when I found out that my eyes had got worse since my last eye test, but it is easily forgotten once you get a new pair of glasses. I ordered some Dolce and Gabbana mostly because my previous pair had been the same brand and I loved them. I still might get the lens' updated so I can still wear them. 
7) 13 Jan - New biker boots from Zara - I picked these up in the sale after an evening trip to the shops during the week - After browsing the store at Meadowhall I found a these boots in my size, I couldn't believe my luck, I had been looking for these for a while. But while I was in the store, I ended up falling in love with an oversized green puffer coat, they didn't have it in my size :-( roll forward 3 weeks, I have the coat and I LOVE it. 

8) 20 Jan - Gold earrings from Mango - Seashells are going to be a big trend for spring summer, I love these new earrings from Mango. I am a huge fan of jewellery at Mango, mainly because they do such a large range of gold earrings. 

9) 20 Jan - Lunch out with Natalie - Since we relocated to my hometown its been so nice to see my friends and family more often. I met my friend for brunch in my new grey oversized Mumshandmade Cardigan - another christmas pressie that I know I will own forever! I will try to get a better photo of it in February. 
10) 27 Jan - Dinner at Bills - The last sunday of the month, I found myself back in Durham for work so it was nice to have a few meals out with friends. Belated birthday catch ups with my friend at Bills - I had the iced tea with halloumi sticks which were sooooo good! 

11) 30 Jan - Dinner at Impeccable Pig - Eating out again, my blogger bestie Kayleigh and I went to Sedgefield to try out a new restaurant owned by Ramside hotel group. It was a lovely pub in a little town I am yet to visit in daylight (3 times i've been). The menu choice was epic, affordable and nicely presented. 

12) 1 Feb - More gold earrings - Celine jewellery is having a fashion moment, leading the way for the next trends. It started with the large bamboo letters that have been around this winter, I would love to own a real one but with a £300+ price tag it's not likely. I ordered these knot earrings from eBay for less than £6. I am on the spy for the next trend.

10 posts in a month is pretty unusual for me, i usually post more than that. But lets see what happens in February. 

Thank you for following if you do, where you will find my feed full of food, fashion and coffee! 

Kristina x

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