17 September 2017

Stationery | Just because with Paperless Post

Keeping in touch with friends is really important to me, and sometimes there is nothing better than sending a surprise note in the post or a photo in a text of a happy memory.

When Paperless post got in touch with me to tell me about their website, I was blown away by the options. I hadn't heard of the brand before and I couldn't believe the designer cards and invites that you can send to friends by email.

At first I was thinking, do my friends really want to receive invites and cards by email? I am a very digital person but when it comes to something like this, normally I would want to sign the card myself to give it that personal touch.

To get started I needed to sign up to the website and I was awarded 25 coins for doing so, which meant I could try out the website and app before purchasing some additional coins. It also meant my friends could reply with a card using their free coins too.

Over the last few weeks it's amazing how many opportunities I have had to send cards or invites where normally I would have just done it in a text or posted a card purchased locally.  


From first browse I was in love with the designer options from Charlotte Olympia, Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade, Liberty and Vera Wang to name a few. 

I absolutely love Kate Spade cards and stationery!

After browsing the website, there is just so many options!! I wanted to send my friend Suzanne an invite to come for a sleepover. 

It was so much fun, choosing a card there was only one word to type in to see what was available for 'cocktails' I wasn't disappointed with 285 options! 

This green one was instantly my favourite from Charlotte Olympia. I selected the card and started to personalise, the text, the fonts and layout. I was then able to select a matching envelope and this one was perfect with the pink interior and leopard tail.

It cost 2 coins for the personalised invite and 2 additional coins for the envelope. To send this by post it would have been from £5.05! My friend was then able rsvp and send me a comment via the email notification I sent. 

The next day brought some lovely news which then resulted in me needing to send my friend Kayleigh an engagement card! she was on her holidays and got engaged!!! I was able to send her a card instantly congratulating her and her man about their amazing news! I sent this card with matching lipstick kiss envelope for free!

Many cards are available for free within the website. I didn't choose this one based on cost, it was just exactly what I needed. 

Kate Spade is known for her slogans and this 'Eat Cake For Breakfast' birthday card was perfect for my friend Alex. There were 2 colour options, white and gold or black and pink. 

This card cost 2 coins plus an additional 2 coins for the beautiful stripe envelope. This wasn't available to print in this gold combination but in Pink it would have been £4.04. 

I ended up sending alot more cards mainly just because I could, but I got really into it and it was so easy to do via the app on my iPhone and iPad. It was also so nice to receive some spontaneous post!

If you fancy trying out paperless post, either visit the website or download the app and set up an account using your email address or Facebook. By signing up you instantly get 25 coins then if you want to then continue using the service you can top up for a minimum of £5 which would give you an additional 20 coins.

I am using the app to organise the office Christmas party and I can't wait to wish everyone a Happy 2018 with Kate Spade of course or there is 398 other options! 

Kristina x

(This post is not a paid advertorial, but I was gifted some coins from Paperless Post so I could write a review on my experience, all opinions are my own).

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  1. Love this and loved my engagement card, such a nice touch to receive it instantly and what a great idea!



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