10 July 2017

Life | Coffee on the go with KeepCup

When reading a post over the weekend on Bloglovin from everygirl.com about cutting spending habits, one point of the post in particular stood out and really made me think.  

It has made me question about how often I buy a coffee on the go... sometimes when I don't need to and should have saved myself that £4. I do go alot less now my office is out of town, there is only one place I can get one on my daily commute and that is a costa machine in the local petrol station, so it's desperate times if I end up calling in there first thing in the morning. 

I have so many take out cups I have collected over the years, but I don't use them as often as I should! 

One of the cups I have in my cupboard is this colourful KeepCup!

If you haven't heard of KeepCup before, it is an Australian brand formed in 2009 by a brother and sister on a mission to reduce wastage from their own cafe. They thought there must be a more environmental friendly approach and decided to produce a reusable cup and reward their customer by reducing the price of coffee on the go if they used one. I don't know if local cafes near me do this, but I know starbucks do give a slight discounts if you use your own cup. 

So what is different to KeepCup compared to picking up one from Tkmaxx or Starbucks?

It's bespoke to you! There are so many colour combinations, it is rare you will know someone with exactly the same cup (unless you copy!). 

I made this one for my brother a few years ago, but he said my colour choices were a bit too bright for him (oops), so I ordered him another (let him choose this time) and I kept this one. It matches my car perfectly! 

It's a really lovely cup to drink from as it is super light and with the rubber band it stops your fingers getting too hot.

If you fancy designing your own cup it is made up of 5 elements so you choose the size, cup, band, lid and cap all separately - a complete cup starts at £7. 

I am now going to aim to ditch cafes on a regular basis and keep them for special occasions instead, like meeting a friend or if I am somewhere out of town. 

Now, if I want some chill out time with a coffee, I know can get all that at home! Like today, I switched off the tv, lit some candles and if I need a treat, I will make some!

Making your own biscuits are so quick and easy, I didn't have any biscuits in for my friend coming over on Saturday so I created these delicious cinnamon shortbread and they were gorgeous! Luckily there were a few left for today's moment of need. 

Hope I have inspired you to ditch the cafes or drive thru and consider boiling the kettle instead.  

Kristina x
** This post is not sponsored by KeepCup I just really like the brand, all opinions are my own. 

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