11 October 2020

Beauty | Charlotte Tilbury inspired biscuits from Biscuiteers

These are not the usual lipsticks you would see on a beauty review... 

But earlier this week I was browsing the Biscuiteers website and came across these gorgeous copper lipstick cookies which resemble my absolute favourite lipsticks by Charlotte Tilbury! 

Before I knew it... they were in my basket and checked out!

A few days later the lipsticks popped through the letterbox and as soon as I opened the gorgeous black and white box there was a wave of vanilla fragrance. 

WOW...The cookies looked better than they did online!

They look too good to eat.

From trying out making some biscuiteers recipes in the past, I know they are baked nearly three times during their creation, first for the initial bake of the biscuit base, then for the flooding of the first layer of icing, then to set the detail on the top. 

What a perfect treat to send a friend for a celebration or even just a treat for yourself.

Priced at £10 then a delivery fee I can see they might seem like a splurge to some but I know the amount of work that has gone into creating these biscuits. 

You can't buy items like this on a high street in the north of England except if you head to Betty's (LOVE!). I might have to try baking some novelty biscuits next time I host an afternoon tea for some friends. 

I also couldn't help but pair up some of the lipsticks to my favourite shades of my CT collection, 'Tell Laura' was a perfect match! 

If only you could buy a real collection of mini Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks in every shade at the same price. 

Other Biscuiteer options I also LOVE!

This post is not sponsored, all items were paid for with my own money and opinions are mine.

Please ask before using my images.

Kristina x

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