18 February 2017

Fashion | Aurora London - The Gigi Bag

The Gigi bag from Aurora London has been one of my most requested posts, after featuring it a few times on my instagram I have been asked for more details, such as how much, whats the leather like etc. 

I discovered the brand Aurora via instagram by a blogger called 'the fashion lift'  she had the Willow clutch in a maroon colour which firstly caught my eye but then it was the fact it had gold initial monogramming, I had to take a look.. was it affordable, what other bags were available to have initials on? 

I decided the larger bag  of the two, Gigi was the one for me. Maroon was out of stock so I considered other colours, like the beautiful bright red

Buying a red bag is not something I would do often, as I am a sucker for black, but I have plenty of black bags and decided this would be a good addition to my wardrobe all year round.

I think the in past I have assumed that red is a festive colour, or something you will pull out for a valentines date but I think this juicy red colour has scope to rock in the summer months too.  

The bag is a cute size, with room for the essentials and a bit more.

The leather is very soft and I love the red tassel accessory on the side. 

But....this style might even seem a little familiar......and you would be right!

Bloggers are all buying one bag at the moment from Gucci called the soho disco bag in a ray of colours and on closer inspection, the shape of this bag plus the tassel makes it a great dupe (copy). 

Gucci is priced at £715 compared to the Aurora which is £85 plus £20 for optional monogramming. I think this bag is a great price and a good investment - even if you opt for it in classic black. It is a style that is useful for day or night and isn't going to go out of fashion.

I monitor the stock on Aurora, as bags sell out pretty fast if featured on their instagram. I hope they add more bag choices as there is currently only 2 sizes of bag available. 

Let me know what your favourite bag is right now in the comments or on my instagram - @misskeveryday

Love Miss K xx
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