27 November 2016

How to Hygge

Everyone is talking about Hygge (pronouced Hoo-guh) ... so what is it all about?

Hygge is a danish way to describe a feeling where it is all about comfort, feeling relaxed and happy. 

Like a hug without touching.

Here are 10 ways you can start living well - 

1. Atmosphere - candles
2. Offline - no phones
3. Nice food
4. Alone time or share equally
5. Be grateful
6. Don't brag
7. Get comfy
8. No arguing
9. Share memories and reflect on good times
10. Your home

You might find Hygge in a local coffee shop, or spending time doing something you enjoy like riding your bike or going on a spa day. But the most common way is trying to do this in your own home. 

By creating a cosy atmosphere with faux fur and candles, wearing warm and comfy clothes and eating comforting food with your favourite people are all ways to fulfilling this feeling.

I picked up a book called 'The little book of Hygge' by Meik Wiking last week and thought, I wanted to try this out. 

According to Meik's book, candles are essential and 51% of danes light a candle 6 or more days a week and 31% light more than 5 candles at one time. 

On Saturday I was catching up with my bestie Natalie and we decided to try it out, and as we had been to the Manchester Christmas Market during the day and it was pretty cold out there so the feeling of Hygge sounded very attractive.

Natalie and I used to live together at University so to remember the good times, we bought matching Pj's while we were at the shops plus some snuggle socks and chocolate. Recipe for a great evening!

The fire was on and candles, we put on our pjs and put the faux fur throw down on the floor for extra cosiness and started to chill out. We then carried on our evening by having nice warm soup and then... a little platter of fruit and marshmallows to have with our melted chocolate. Perfection!

Nat and I will be talking about how hyggelig our evening was for a while yet. 

So much fun!

Love Miss K xx
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  1. Sounds like a lovely evening! I love this new focus on relaxing soothing comfort. Perfect for winter days!


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