15 November 2016

Home | Office Tour plus how to build your own inspo board

Last month I gave away an inspo pinboard and accessories to one lucky follower (Jemma!) to celebrate my blog reaching its 3rd birthday. Today I am going to give you a mini tour of my home office where I write my blog and also occasionally my day job too.  Plus how you can build your own pin inspo board

Personalisation is what you will notice most, love K's, my blog name and I like to fill the space with my favourite things like pineapples and copper! 

Lets get started......

My personalised Emma Bridgewater cup - I have had this a couple of years now and I love it so much. Originally inspired by 'What Olivia did', and I have ordered a couple of friends these as gifts since. 

All you need to do is choose a mug and then pay for your chosen lettering,  sometimes they do offers which makes it more affordable if you receive their newsletter...expect to pay up to approx £25 for 1 mug.

A few of my desk accessories - 
Succulent - Tesco £2

Badge - Waterstones

Fawn - 2nd hand store

Pineapple notebook - TKMaxx

Tape dispenser - TKMaxx its very Kate Spade (LOVE!)

K Candle - gift from a friend, but it is M&S

I write my blog mostly on macbook air as I carry it with me and sync to my iPhone if I am on the move, but there is nothing better than sitting at my bigger computer at my desk...it's my happy place.

My computer is nearly 8 years old but if you keep on top of the software updates on Apple products they last a long time. Oh and remember to back up on an external drive. 

I live my life via SATC (don't you?) and I will never forget the day she got a sad mac face...
Oh no...sad mac 
At her apple genius appointment with her pashmina wrapped mac book

Copper star lights - Ikea christmas 2015 but I know they still stock them in white and I am sure they will do them again this year.

Hello note cards - TKMaxx

Copper baskets - B&M - only £2.50! I am not sure if they are still in store but I haven't had them long.

Copper desk lamp - Sainsbury 

Wooden K letter - Christmas market last year

Tassimo coffee machine - Tesco - I wouldn't normally have chosen this colour but it was in clearance for £20 so I thought this would be the perfect Office accessory. 

I do collect notebooks, I could open my own stationery shop I am sure.. haha I used to work at WHSmiths in my teens and I am sure it's to blame. 

This Marble notepad - Now/Later listing is such a good idea! - TKMaxx

Battery powered twinkle lights, I have a blind up so I don't use the existing curtain pole, so instead of removing it as I might change my mind, I have twisted 2 sets of twinkle lights around the pole and they look so cute. 

You can pick these up for a couple of £1 and they add a bit of sparkle to a little space.

As my desk sits in front of a window I have space to the right and I really wanted to either frame some pictures for some inspo or have a huge pinboard.

I decided to go with the pin board idea as it was more affordable, plus I thought it had more scope to be changed more frequently depending on my mood or when I collect things over time.

I have always collected postcards and notecards (paper chase do the best ones) but usually I just place them in a draw so this was going to be a space for them to be displayed too.  

I looked on Amazon to try and find the hugest pinboard I could and they were around £25 which I thought was OK as a one off cost. But my mum had seen one in the range for only £6 so I thought wow ok. I need to go check this out.

One Sunday in September I went to my local Range I ended up purchasing the large pinboard, reviews didn't look good online as the cork isn't super thick, but for what I needed it for it was going to be perfect.

I also picked up some gold pins too only £1.

You decide what you want to fill your board with. I printed off some inspo quotes I had collected on my Pinterest board and just pinned them up but over time I will replace them with better quality images. But you have to start somewhere. 

Last but not least is some personalised bunting I also picked up from my trip to the range, only £2.99 from the wedding collection, so it also came in white. 

You get at least 2 of each letter and string in the pack then you do all the hard work deciding what you want it to say. I then just used 2 gold pins to stick it on the wall. 

This room will not stay like this for long, one trip to TKMaxx will do that. But I do have a new desk chair on my wish list, so once I have that I will share more pictures of the overall room on my instagram. 

But until then, hope you enjoyed this mini tour.

Love Miss K xx
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Disclaimer - Everything was purchased with my own money and this is not an advert.


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