11 September 2016

Stationery | POST by Katie Leamon

My first box from Katie Leamon POST stationery subscription box has just arrived and as a huge fan of Katie, I couldn't wait to see what was inside!

From looking at the example boxes on the website, I had high hopes..

Unlike other subscription boxes I have done for beauty items this one was pretty flat and easily went through the letterbox. 

Minimal packaging with a huge black and white sticker there was no mistaking what this box was when it arrived.

I peeled back the sticker and the contents were displayed beautifully, and included a full introduction about the theme of the content and then the secret items were then wrapped in branded tissue with Katie stickers. 

How much is the POST subscription?
£20 which includes postage 

What was in the box?
1 set of luxury silver pencils (worth £10)
4 assorted cards (£3.75 each)
2 sheets of luxury wrap (£5.50)
1 gift tag

This means that the box contents was approx worth £30.50 

This was first look at a new collection of Katie and her brother and poet Tom. Gorgeous prints and on trend colours, quality was high as expected.

But I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed with the content as a whole as it wasn't Katie's usual style and that was the main reason I subscribed, and except for the pencils and gift tag I felt well... gutted.

I have been buying cards of Katie's from Oliver Bonas and my local favourite home store Fleur & Grey, I was so excited about them and within 2 weeks of purchasing them I had given them to friends. 

I know buying a surprise / lucky dip box is never going to please everyone and I did get more than what I paid for, but if I could give any feedback directly to Katie's for future boxes... remember why people subscribed in the first place and if you are wanting to share a new style, maybe include 1 or 2 items only.

Cards I bought recently from Fleur & Grey
I think I will subscribe to one more box just to see what might be in another and then I will decide if it's worth getting again. 

I might be better off spending £20 on items of my choosing instead... 

Happy Sunday! 

Love Miss K xx
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