21 August 2016

Food | Tea for 2 with homemade shortbread

If you go to a local coffee shop and you get a free home baked biscuit on the side of your hot drink, it really makes my day. 

It reminds me that I should make my own biscuits if I have someone coming over for a catch up. 

They can be made in advance, usually made with ingredients you already have in your cupboard and taste extra special.

Polka Dot Lane Teapot, Ikea white cups, Milk bottle from a local home decor shop
One of the easiest biscuits you can make at home are shortbread, they can be any shape and they take 10 mins to prepare and 12 - 15 mins to bake.

What you need - (This recipe is based on one found on BBC Food but there are plenty out there from Be Ro and google of course)
Makes 40 small round biscuits or 20 larger heart shaped

360g Plain Flour 
110g Caster Sugar
250g Margarine 

Cutter of your choice
Rolling Pin
Baking parchment

Additional flour when rolling out
Additional Sugar for sprinkling

Bake at 180c

Making a little bit of mess...
I use a food mixer, but doing this by hand will work just as well. Mix the plain flour and sugar together throughly then rub the margarine in throughly until you have made a dough. 

I split the dough in half as it is easier to manage and stops it from drying out.

Cover the surface you will be rolling out on with some additional flour and also coat the rolling pin so it doesn't stick.

You choose how thick you would like them... I don't like them too thin, but you could do a mixture but you will need to consider baking the thinner ones separately as they will take less time. 

Once the shapes are placed on baking tin / sheet with parchment, sprinkle with additional sugar and then place in the oven. Initially for 10 mins then keep an eye on them, you want them to just start turning brown or you might like them pale.

Once ready, leave them on the paper to cool then place in a biscuit tin and they will be fine for at least a week.

Shortbread Hearts
Chocolate Shortbread Stars
Once cooled, enjoy with a cup of yorkshire tea and a chat with a friend :-)

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Love Miss K xx
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6 August 2016

Travel | Exploring Fira - Santorini

Lots of photos to share with you all today from my amazing adventures to Fira, the capital of Santorini. Before I landed in Santorini most photos and sights I had seen and heard about were from Oia, which is famous for it's sunset, but I couldn't believe the sights I found only 5 minutes from the bus station in Fira.

From my town of Kamari, it took only 20 minutes on the local bus which was very frequent and less than 2 Euro's each way. This is the same wherever you go, as you have to get off the bus at Fira before catching a bus to another location such as Oia and pay another 2 euro each way. 

I didn't get to Oia. I just totally ran out of time, so I will have to return one day to the island for more adventures.

As I say, I jumped off the bus early morning around 10am to go on an Instagram adventure with Mr P. I had gathered up on my camera roll screenshots of pictures of instagram sights I wanted to take for myself, we ended up on a hike to the top of the hill in order to get these snaps so this post is full of memories as well as sharing them with you. 

Hope you enjoy...

The best map I could find near bus station

Where is Mr P?

Loved this Polka dot wall made with black stones

So high we were flying with the birds
Padlocks left behind by families and couples

View from the highest point
Look at that sky!
My favourite building of the day!

Love MISS K xx
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