31 July 2016

Skincare | L Oreal Skin - 3 amazing Pure Clay face masks

OBSESSED! Is the only word to describe my love for these new Pure Clay face masks by L'Oréal Skin. Multi mask or bespoke masking is now meant to be the hot new beauty trend. As you are then treating each part of the skin with the best product - so this is perfect for those with combination skin. 

Pure Clay Your Way
"L’Oréal Paris’ Pure Clay range brings you our latest innovation in skincare. Made up of three powerful clays to remove impurities and let your skin breathe." from L'Oréal website

I first saw them on Alex (the Glamour Beauty Editor) @asteinherr snapchat, pre launch and she had been invited to a hotel room sleep over for a preview. She was trying them all out and was saying so many good things that made me want to try them, plus it looked fun! 

A week or so later, I forgot about this snap until I saw an advert from Boots who said they were selling them for £5 each (usually £7.99), so I went out on my lunch break that day and picked up all 3... couldn't risk them selling out.  

With the display there was a leaflet so you can test your skin to see which mask would be most suitable for which part of your face. But... I feel like I know my own skin so I missed out this step.

Visit L'Oréal's website

Visit L'Oréal's website

The first time I tried them out, I did apply them all at once -  

Detox Mask (grey) was my favourite, it sets your skin hard once it dries after a couple of minutes. It really felt like it was cleaning my skin, which sounds crazy.

Glow Mask (orange) - is lovely, it's an exfoliator so when you are applying it you need to massage into the skin, so it leaves your skin illuminated and radiant.

Last and probably my least favourite is the Purity Mask (Mint Green), mostly because I didnt feel the difference in the part of my skin (forehead) I used it on. According the the website, it is meant to matte skin without drying it out.

I am going to keep using it and hopefully I will understand what it is doing to my skin.  

Morning after...
Skin felt good the next day, but I can see value in doing a full face of each one to see the real benefits. 

I do leave it couple of days between each treatment, a full face of orange really brightens my skin and last week before I went out on saturday I did a full face of the detox grey mask.

It is so fun when your face sets firm and the satisfaction of cleaning it off with a muslin cloth and hot water, means amazing skin is revealed and instantly visible. 

This is a picture of me last weekend, I don't really have troublesome skin but even after a few uses, I think you can really see how clear my skin is looking. It is definently an permanent addition to my skincare routine. 

If you are reading this L'Oréal Skin my only wish would be to have a 4th Mask available, one that heats your face up #wishlist

You can follow L'Oréal Skin on instagram, there are some great tips and short videos from other people trying out the masks. 

It's your mask, your way. 

Let me know if you have tried them, I have told friends and they are already trying them out too.


Love MISS K xx
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