31 July 2016

Skincare | L Oreal Skin - 3 amazing Pure Clay face masks

OBSESSED! Is the only word to describe my love for these new Pure Clay face masks by L'Oréal Skin. Multi mask or bespoke masking is now meant to be the hot new beauty trend. As you are then treating each part of the skin with the best product - so this is perfect for those with combination skin. 

Pure Clay Your Way
"L’Oréal Paris’ Pure Clay range brings you our latest innovation in skincare. Made up of three powerful clays to remove impurities and let your skin breathe." from L'Oréal website

I first saw them on Alex (the Glamour Beauty Editor) @asteinherr snapchat, pre launch and she had been invited to a hotel room sleep over for a preview. She was trying them all out and was saying so many good things that made me want to try them, plus it looked fun! 

A week or so later, I forgot about this snap until I saw an advert from Boots who said they were selling them for £5 each (usually £7.99), so I went out on my lunch break that day and picked up all 3... couldn't risk them selling out.  

With the display there was a leaflet so you can test your skin to see which mask would be most suitable for which part of your face. But... I feel like I know my own skin so I missed out this step.

Visit L'Oréal's website

Visit L'Oréal's website

The first time I tried them out, I did apply them all at once -  

Detox Mask (grey) was my favourite, it sets your skin hard once it dries after a couple of minutes. It really felt like it was cleaning my skin, which sounds crazy.

Glow Mask (orange) - is lovely, it's an exfoliator so when you are applying it you need to massage into the skin, so it leaves your skin illuminated and radiant.

Last and probably my least favourite is the Purity Mask (Mint Green), mostly because I didnt feel the difference in the part of my skin (forehead) I used it on. According the the website, it is meant to matte skin without drying it out.

I am going to keep using it and hopefully I will understand what it is doing to my skin.  

Morning after...
Skin felt good the next day, but I can see value in doing a full face of each one to see the real benefits. 

I do leave it couple of days between each treatment, a full face of orange really brightens my skin and last week before I went out on saturday I did a full face of the detox grey mask.

It is so fun when your face sets firm and the satisfaction of cleaning it off with a muslin cloth and hot water, means amazing skin is revealed and instantly visible. 

This is a picture of me last weekend, I don't really have troublesome skin but even after a few uses, I think you can really see how clear my skin is looking. It is definently an permanent addition to my skincare routine. 

If you are reading this L'Oréal Skin my only wish would be to have a 4th Mask available, one that heats your face up #wishlist

You can follow L'Oréal Skin on instagram, there are some great tips and short videos from other people trying out the masks. 

It's your mask, your way. 

Let me know if you have tried them, I have told friends and they are already trying them out too.


Love MISS K xx
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28 July 2016

Fashion | Vogue 100 exhibition - Manchester Art Gallery

Miss AT, Miss KF and Miss K
On Saturday I went to Manchester to meet my girls for a lovely day out of Afternoon Tea and fizz. 

When we met at the train station we had 1 hour spare before we met up with our other girlies... so feeling spontaneous we headed to the Vogue 100 exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery.  

It was a 15 minute walk from Piccadilly station or Miss AT suggested we jump on the free bus outside the station as we were short of time. What a great idea!!

We made friends with the driver of the orange bus and asked her to give us a shout when we got to a stop close by. She was so kind and told us exactly where to go when we got off.... 2 minutes walk and we arrived!

Once inside, we took the lift to the 2nd floor and made friends with a couple of people and asked if they would mind taking our photo with the sign, as we were told as soon as we entered the exhibition absolutely no photography. 

What a shame!! I have no idea why there is no photography, everything was in cases or frames, they could have said no flash but we were so disappointed. I have searched the #vogue100 on instagram and there are some pics but they even had staff walking round making sure no one was breaking the rules so there was just no way I was going to get a snap :-(

Basically the exhibition is a time line of key photography moments and fashion trends over the years. Showing this in framed photos and front covers of the magazine dating back to 1916.

When you enter the room you are welcomed by a loud video cube showing you behind the scenes at some photoshoots which you can stand in the middle of and I could have stood there for hours.  Music was good and it was great to see everyone at work to get the perfect photo.

We then started to walk round the years starting with the oldest first - 1920's  - which showed how the magazine started and there was some great textures and clothes but not necessarily as glam as they are now, just classic coats in normal working environments in the UK not dream beach or hotel locations that are used now.

Some were celebrities some weren't, I think today even the models are celebrities, where previously I think it was more who was taking the photograph that was of more importance.

If I could have taken any photos, right now you would be seeing the huge black and white wallpapers that covered the full height of the room or some beautiful framed photos side by side. 

As sample of photos shown are available on the Manchester Art Gallery website- 

Image - Manchester Art Gallery
Image - Manchester Art Gallery
Image - Manchester Art Gallery
The full exhibition is available in the large coffee table style book priced at £40 in the gallery book shop or £26 via amazon. 

There were some amazing photographs shown at the exhibition, some I remember from being a collector of the magazine over the last 15 years or when I used to spend hours reading all the back copies of Vogue in the University Library. 

Vogue also reminds me of my absolute favourite TV show of all TIME! SATC!

Who could forget Carrie Bradshaw's obsession with American Vogue, and I know this exhibition was purely UK but this sentence from SATC always makes me giggle -

Image source - Pinterest

If you are in the area, or fancy day tripping to Manchester, you won't regret it, it was pretty special!

The Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibition opened on 24th June and is running til 30th October 2016 and..... did I mention its FREE entry!

Love MISS K xx
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What Camera do you use?
Olympus Pen PL7 or iPhone 6

15 July 2016

Food | Blueberry, Lemon and Greek Yogurt loaf cake

Sharing an easy but yummy recipe with you today by the lovely Donna Hay, it's her Blueberry and yogurt loaf. If you haven't heard of Donna before, she is Australian and big news on Pinterest.

If you visit her website you will be blown away by the food photography and imagery she really does challenge me to think of new ways to display my recipes in the future on my blog and my kitchen instagram.

What you will need
115g Self Raising Flour
150g Margarine (this is a difference to Donna's recipe)
220g Caster sugar
140g Greek Yoghurt
2 eggs
125g blueberries plus more for decoration if you wish
Zest of 1 lemon
1 tablespoon of Vanilla essence 
Icing sugar for dusting

1) I used a standing mixer so I first added margarine, caster sugar, eggs and greek yoghurt and mixed thoroughly 

2) Then I added flour, lemon zest and vanilla essence and mix further

3) Wash and dry your blueberries and once dry coat them in a small amount of flour as this will stop them from sinking while cooking

4) To try and get your blueberries evenly throughout your cake, spoon some of the mixture into the lined loaf tin then put a layer of blueberries then spoon more mixture and repeat until complete finishing with cake mixture on the top

5) This is quite a wet mixture with the yoghurt so it took nearly 1 hour to cook - 

I cooked it for 30 mins at 200c then I checked it again 10 minutes later, I then ended up turning the oven down and cooking for a further 10 mins until I was happy it was fully cooked through

6) After cooking I left it in the tin for 1 hour before moving it onto a cooling wire

7) Once fully cooled transfer to a decorative plate or board for display and serving using the icing sugar and additional blueberries.

Hope you enjoy making this and eating it as much as I did with my family in the garden last week.

As much as I have tried all my top tips from friends and google, my blueberries are still out of control and moved to one side, let me know if you do anything different to me and have more success.

Love MISS K xx
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What Camera do you use?
Olympus Pen PL7 or iPhone 6

12 July 2016

Travel | Santorini Spiridakos Catamaran cruise

I'm back from my summer holidays to blogger paradise in Santorini. The main reason for my visit was for my best friends wedding but there was so much to see and do, I could have done with another week.

We arrived on Tuesday evening and were staying in Kamari which was a hop skip and a jump from the island airport. Our hotel was... rubbish and thats as much as you will hear from me about that. Location wise the hotel was great, we were 1 minute walk from the black beach, shops and cafes. 

On Thursday the groom of the wedding party had organised for 24 of us to go an amazing catamaran cruise around the island. I had been on little boat trips before but nothing quite like this.

The company 'Spiridakos Sailing Cruises' organised to collect us at 9.30am to transfer us from each of our hotels as part of the cost of the trip which I thought was fantastic. So we had no hassle to organise a taxi and made sure we got there on time. 

Hope you enjoy looking at the photos from our 5 hour tour of the island......

On my way to the Catamaran 
There was 8 of us in my minibus including the bride to be and we got to the boat first, and we were warmly welcomed by a lovely crew of 44 - Captain Leo.

Before we could board we had to remove our shoes and place them into a box for safe keeping.... no shoes allowed on the boat!

While we waited for the rest of the party to arrive I was trying to find my sea legs...and we took some photos... plus admiring the boat of course.. pure luxury.

Once everyone was on board, one of the crew - Korina gathered us all together at the front of the boat with a Health and safety briefing and to introduce us to the rest of the crew - Leo, Zenia, Maria and Captain Yiannis. We would get to know all of them well throughout the time we were onboard. You couldn't have asked for a better 'Team' you could tell that they worked so well together and had such fun. 

Not only were they there to make sure we were all safe and enjoying the trip with drinks and food. They also provided us with some history of the islands with Captain Yiannis explaining the story of the volcano which of course is what Santorini is..

Not 100% sure, but I think this is the journey we went on
We set off from Port Athinios on our first adventure towards the red and white beaches.. as expected or maybe unexpected..the wind got up a little and we lost a few hats... and sunglasses (Paul 1)! We did go back for a couple of hats but after that hats were either banned or you had to promise to hold onto it. I chose to hold onto my £12 Asos hat as I  burn easily and if it did fly away, it's only a cheap and cheerful.

Time goes fast when you are having fun and getting to know each other! This was the first of 4 times everyone would be together over the next few days for the wedding celebrations.

After 3 hours we pulled into a bay on a near by island which I think was called Thirasia where the wonderful crew prepared us a yummy meal. 

Korina & Maria prepared some fried flounder fish which was delicious
Leo was in charge of bbq-ing chicken which was probably the best ever!
(Thank you Paul 1 for taking a picture of me with my food)

There was a great selection of food available including flounder fish, chicken, prawns, greek salad, spaghetti in tomato sauce and a bread basket. 

Once we had finished eating, we had a slow sail back to the port which took around 1 hour. Everyone was chilled and enjoying the journey with a few beers. 

You couldn't wish for a better day! No one wanted to leave!

The boat arrived back at the port at around 3.30pm where we were then allocated to a transfer back to our hotels. 

Not going to lie.. had to have a nap when we got back, all that fresh air (and maybe the wine and beer) made me zzZZZzzzz!

Amazing trip with amazing people! More Santorini posts to come.. 

Going to Santorini? Book your Catamaran or Yacht experience via the Spiridakos website.

Love MISS K xx
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