21 June 2016

Fashion | H&M summer jewellery haul

Summer is here in the shops but the weather in the UK can't seem to make it's mind up, we have had all the seasons over the last few weeks. 

I do have a summer holiday coming up so I have bought some summer items to wear while I am away and now on reflection I am sure most of my suitcase will be filled with H&M clothes and accessories.

H&M totally seem to be getting it right at the moment, I have picked up some beautiful clothing with lovely detail and embellishments. I will share pics of those once I have worn them in the sunshine.

Orange hoop stud tassel earring £6.99 - not available online, but I saw them instore last week so they should still be easy to find. 

I bought these cute earrings about 2 months ago now, when I was looking for something to go with denim. They come in black as well and I spotted a lovely lady wearing them the other day on instagram and I was like they look awesome!

It is tempting to buy what you love in as many colours as possible but I am trying to stop doing this, I've told myself I need to concentrate on colourful earrings while the sunshine is out and I can go back to black accessories when its September. 

The newest pair I bought only last week were these gorgeous blue stud earring, I have bought these especially for my holiday as I am planning on wearing alot of white and i think these will look beautiful day or evening. 

They are light in weight which is a huge positive as sometimes earrings can be so heavy.

Plus they are brighter than they look in this image, I will have to find the perfect outfit for them to get their first outing.

If you follow me on instagram you already know that I am obsessed with these beautiful green tassel earrings £7.99. I love shape of the metal, the fit and of course the colour. 

I also picked up this gorgeous matching necklace £14.99... which I totally think they look a bit much together, but I couldn't choose which I wanted to wear so I just wore both, rules are meant to be broken. 

My last item is the cheapest but looks the most expensive in my opinion... 

These gold hammered metal earrings I have bought to go with my outfit for my best friends wedding and were only £5.99! More details on the complete outfit in a few weeks after the big day. 


Hope you have enjoyed this haul and will consider checking out H&M jewellery, when I was looking back at some of my favourite pieces in my collection, more than I thought I have got from H&M. Clearly my favourite shop of the moment for clothing, jewellery and homewares.

Love MISS K xx
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