2 May 2016

Fashion | Adidas Superstar Trainers - ROSE GOLD

Finally bought them and joined the adidas (vs converse?) gang.... I have been lusting over these Adidas Superstar metal toe since probably xmas time.. but then I went to buy them in store and I was like oh no.. they were just not nice at all. I don't know if it was a  combination of a cold miserable day and summer shoes that put me off or everyone I was with was like yuk! 

But that was it, I didnt want them.

But...... 2 months later I was still looking online trying to find a pair in my size. I think I must have considered another 20 styles of Adidas Superstar before I actually bought these. At £79 they are pretty expensive, but most trainers are.

For a pair that isn't metal toe they are still around £70 so after a mini eBay trainer sale.. I  just ordered (made me and my bank feel better) and see what I thought...

Found this pic on Instagram @eor_shoes

The Hi Top version were on sale for £55 which was tempting for a cost saving, but I just thought I would regret it later so I was really pleased I ordered the normal original version.

They are cream suede with rose gold plastic 'metal' toe. I love the copper / rose gold trend thats been around for the last few years. It's my colour and it's great that it is more available but it does make it hard to track items down if they become blogger uniform or instagram essential.

I am super happy with my purchase! Now I can stop moaning and searching the internet trying to track a pair down in a size 6.

Do you Love or Hate them?

Love MISS K xx
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