8 May 2016

Beauty | Building my own MAC pro palette

The time has come... and I actually have no idea why I didn't do this earlier.. 

I've tried so many brands of eyeshadows but I really love Mac eyeshadows the best.

I find it really hard to find a shadow palette where I love every colour, which is why in the past I have bought individual shadows from Mac. There is usually one crazy colour in there you wish would disappear so making my own sounds like it is the perfect solution.

I had some favourites that hit pan, so I needed to replace them anyway so instead of replacing I bought the pro palette version instead to start building my own.

** By purchasing pro palette eyeshadows you save £3 per colour. Individual are £13 and pro are £10 as you do not receive any additional packaging

When you first start choosing a pro palette, there are so many combinations but as I was in it for the long haul I decided to get the 15 shadow insert with the large box but I only bought 5 colours to get me started with my favourite shades then I can start collecting. Then it is really simple just pop them in the inserts wherever you choose and you can change the order any time you like. 

I think new makeup brushes are required!

Let me know if you are a pro palette collector and tag me in your instagram posts. 

Love MISS K xx
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  1. Ooooh love these, could be very tempted to do the same! There is a Mac store just round the corner from my apartment, its too tempting! Do you use Mac foundation?? Your foundation always looks gorgeous! x

    1. eeeek! Mac on your doorstep sounds dangerous. Free makeovers whenever you wish! I would go make friends with those girls. xx


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