22 May 2016

Beauty | Body Shop Summer Range - Pinita Colada

The Body Shop's new summer range has arrived in stores! After loving last years mojito I couldn't wait to see what this years fragrance was going to be. It couldn't have been better, it's my absolute favourite Pina Colada

I love Pineapple and Coconut! Now it is possible to eat, drink and now wash haha.

I picked up the Shower Gel (£5) and Body Sorbet (£8). 

Initially I am disappointed in the size of the Shower Gel, but it seems to be the new packaging of Body Shop shower gels but I would like to have had the option to buy a larger size as it is a limited edition. 

But it has a lovely fragrance when washing which reminds you of beach days, covered in sun lotion and drinking cocktails round the pool.

When I am on holidays I always love to eat and drink Coconut and Pineapples

As soon as I am out of the shower I applied the body sorbet which was super easy to apply and quick drying on the skin that leaves your body smelling delicious and silky soft!

I much prefer this product to body butter as it is usually a more sticky in consistency and takes longer to dry, plus it is double the price. 

I can definitely recommend this summer collection, if you love pineapple but it isn't as refreshing as last years mojito.

Wish summer was officially here.. but it won't be long. The UK weather changes it's mind on a daily basis.

Love MISS K xx
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  1. Oooh! I want to try this!!

    Kay xx

  2. You will be in the holiday mood now Kay Kay, you def have to try this.


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