29 May 2016

North East | Breakfast at The Running Fox, Morpeth

After hearing amazing reports on a lovely village bakery / cafe in Felton, near Morpeth by some of my family who were visiting Northumberland earlier in the year, I have had The Running Fox Bakery on my list of places to visit.

With a date in the diary for Saturday brunch, I knew this would be a good option with my friend Miss S so I rang the Wednesday before to see if it was possible to book a table. (Because we were making a special trip I wanted to make sure we would be able to get a table at the time we wanted).

From Durham it took approx 1 hour to get there with roadworks, I was able to book for 11am. This meant we had the option of both menu's... breakfast was still available to order until 11.30am so if we didn't want breakfast we could have waited for the lunch choices. 

We sat upstairs near a fire place which was nice and the cafe was completely full when we arrived. I would have preferred to sit downstairs but it was Saturday and I was just pleased to have a table and I was hungry.

There was so many nice sounding dishes on the menu and the breakfast scone was certainly appealing but I was hungry and this was most likely to be my only meal of the day so I opted like Miss S for the full english but with a couple of adjustments which they were happy to do. 

We both swapped our black and white pudding for baked beans, and I further swapped the fried egg for scrambled. 

Everything tasted so fresh and not at all greasy which a full english stereotypically is known for. This wasn't at all. The sausages and bacon were very tasty and perfectly cooked. 

The beef tomato was oven baked and was spot on addition to my plate. My scrambled eggs were exactly how I liked them. 

I was defeated by too many mushrooms and I could quite possibly have gone for the cub option next time which is a smaller portion. Or maybe just pop back after 3pm for the yummy looking Afternoon Tea.

We both ordered flat white coffee's to go with our food and a juice and this was really good value for money at total £11 each. This meant we had money left to buy some yummy cake to take home.

Free parking is available on the streets but it was quite busy but we still got parked no problem.

What I thought was a lovely touch was that the bakery gives away free bread in a brown paper bags that you can take away to feed the ducks near by, which I thought was great for kids. 

If you were wanting to make a weekend of it there there was a lovely hotel and bar that took my fancy - The Northumberland Arms, so I would like to come back to Felton and try and go there sometime.

The running fox also sell some merchandise with their fox logo on, cups and mugs (special offer for locals if you use one of their cups for refills on take out coffee's), tea towels and also ceramic foxes. For £8.50 I decided to get a fox as he goes really well with my home interiors in my lounge. 

I would recommend driving out to find new places on weekends, I try to always try somewhere new unless it is a favourite or it is in the perfect location. 

If the weather had been better on this day we might have stayed for a walk around the village, but as it was cloudy we went to the shops on the way home instead. 

Let me know what you had to eat if you have been here before, or if I have inspired you to have a drive out there. 

Love MISS K xx
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22 May 2016

Beauty | Body Shop Summer Range - Pinita Colada

The Body Shop's new summer range has arrived in stores! After loving last years mojito I couldn't wait to see what this years fragrance was going to be. It couldn't have been better, it's my absolute favourite Pina Colada

I love Pineapple and Coconut! Now it is possible to eat, drink and now wash haha.

I picked up the Shower Gel (£5) and Body Sorbet (£8). 

Initially I am disappointed in the size of the Shower Gel, but it seems to be the new packaging of Body Shop shower gels but I would like to have had the option to buy a larger size as it is a limited edition. 

But it has a lovely fragrance when washing which reminds you of beach days, covered in sun lotion and drinking cocktails round the pool.

When I am on holidays I always love to eat and drink Coconut and Pineapples

As soon as I am out of the shower I applied the body sorbet which was super easy to apply and quick drying on the skin that leaves your body smelling delicious and silky soft!

I much prefer this product to body butter as it is usually a more sticky in consistency and takes longer to dry, plus it is double the price. 

I can definitely recommend this summer collection, if you love pineapple but it isn't as refreshing as last years mojito.

Wish summer was officially here.. but it won't be long. The UK weather changes it's mind on a daily basis.

Love MISS K xx
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8 May 2016

Beauty | Building my own MAC pro palette

The time has come... and I actually have no idea why I didn't do this earlier.. 

I've tried so many brands of eyeshadows but I really love Mac eyeshadows the best.

I find it really hard to find a shadow palette where I love every colour, which is why in the past I have bought individual shadows from Mac. There is usually one crazy colour in there you wish would disappear so making my own sounds like it is the perfect solution.

I had some favourites that hit pan, so I needed to replace them anyway so instead of replacing I bought the pro palette version instead to start building my own.

** By purchasing pro palette eyeshadows you save £3 per colour. Individual are £13 and pro are £10 as you do not receive any additional packaging

When you first start choosing a pro palette, there are so many combinations but as I was in it for the long haul I decided to get the 15 shadow insert with the large box but I only bought 5 colours to get me started with my favourite shades then I can start collecting. Then it is really simple just pop them in the inserts wherever you choose and you can change the order any time you like. 

I think new makeup brushes are required!

Let me know if you are a pro palette collector and tag me in your instagram posts. 

Love MISS K xx
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3 May 2016

Kitchen | Zoodles with spicy butter beans

All the summer clothes are in the stores and I have started planning my holiday wardrobe for my Santorini getaway and now is a great time to change any diet ruts you have got yourself into.

Me? I am giving up cake until further notice and focusing on eating yummy healthy colourful food.

I started doing a nutrition diploma course in March and it has really got me thinking about what I am eating and how I need to balance my diet with the right foods. 

I love vegetables so buying my new kitchen accessory was worth every penny. 

My new vegetable spiralizer is from Lakeland and is currently selling at the reduced price of £19.99 (usually £29.99). I had a pencil sharpener type for over a year now, but it's really hard to use and you are really limited on size of your vegetable and sometimes you accidentally lose a finger nail or two.

I am so happy with this it and it comes with 3 types of blade so you can have  thin, medium or wider ribbons depending on what you fancy or what suits the vegetable / meal best.

If you haven't used a spirializer before it is super easy. 

Select the slicer you think best suits your dish, I used the medium type for my zoodles /courgetti.

There is little waste, so just square off each end then secure it on the spiralize then just turn the handle..it's amazing how much you get from one courgette.

Once you have prepared your zoodles, heat up your non stick pan with either 1 a splash of oil or 2 sprays of fry light and cook for 2-3 minutes then serve straight away. 

I served mine with a piece of breaded chicken and some spicy butter beans 

Spicy butter beans (makes 2 portions)
1 tin of butter beans (only 29p at Lidl) 
1 tin of chopped tomatoes (only 38p at Lidl)
2 table spoons of fajita spice mix 
salt & pepper 
mixed dried herbs and heated up in a pan for 5 mins

Hope you liked this post, if you want to see more food ideas follow my new instagram account @misskeveryday_kitchen where I will be posting my daily meals and some diet motivation. 

Love MISS K xx
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2 May 2016

Fashion | Adidas Superstar Trainers - ROSE GOLD

Finally bought them and joined the adidas (vs converse?) gang.... I have been lusting over these Adidas Superstar metal toe since probably xmas time.. but then I went to buy them in store and I was like oh no.. they were just not nice at all. I don't know if it was a  combination of a cold miserable day and summer shoes that put me off or everyone I was with was like yuk! 

But that was it, I didnt want them.

But...... 2 months later I was still looking online trying to find a pair in my size. I think I must have considered another 20 styles of Adidas Superstar before I actually bought these. At £79 they are pretty expensive, but most trainers are.

For a pair that isn't metal toe they are still around £70 so after a mini eBay trainer sale.. I  just ordered (made me and my bank feel better) and see what I thought...

Found this pic on Instagram @eor_shoes

The Hi Top version were on sale for £55 which was tempting for a cost saving, but I just thought I would regret it later so I was really pleased I ordered the normal original version.

They are cream suede with rose gold plastic 'metal' toe. I love the copper / rose gold trend thats been around for the last few years. It's my colour and it's great that it is more available but it does make it hard to track items down if they become blogger uniform or instagram essential.

I am super happy with my purchase! Now I can stop moaning and searching the internet trying to track a pair down in a size 6.

Do you Love or Hate them?

Love MISS K xx
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