17 April 2016

Fashion | Ivy Park by Topshop

What is all the fuss about? Beyonce that's what. 
Image source - Topshop
Topshop have collaborated and co-founded a new lifestyle and fitness brand with superstar Beyonce called Ivy Park. 

From watching the promotional video B tells the story of why Ivy Park and why it is a special place for her. It's her go to place if she is wanting some time out and collect her thoughts. She wants you to find your Ivy Park.

Which has got me thinking... I do have some favourite places to go but I don't have one place I always go to. 

Image Source - Topshop 
Image Source - Topshop
Is it worth the splurge?
From prices ranging from £8 - £160 there is something for all price ranges.
What I didn't realise is that this collection isn't a one off. Ivy Park is here to stay with new lines arriving every 6-8 weeks. So there is no need to rush out and buy everything, so maybe join the hype and buy one or two pieces but the rest can wait its all pretty similar.

Sizes on most items are XXS,XS, S, M, L and XL

I didn't realise there was XL available which would probably have been my first choice but never mind, I picked up the sweater in grey in L and the Cap in black which is One Size. 

I am LOVING baseball caps at the moment, always have (I blame my brother he always wore caps when we were younger) but usually only if I have my hair up. It seems it is OK to wear them with hair down so you will probably see me wear them more often now.

My Top 5 favourites in the collection at the moment (minus the 2 items I have purchased) - 

Ivy Park is at most stores but some have more items than others.

I will be keen to buy a couple of t-shirts for my holidays in the blue or red and I am excited to see what else there is to come so I will keep you posted if I do buy anything else. 

I haven't been buying clothes very much recently but I needed to get something to wear on weekends thats not a blue denim shirt so this is a great edition to my weekend casual choices.

Let me know if you have bought anything from the collection or tag me on your Instagram @Misskeveryday

Happy weekend!
Love MISS K xx
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