4 April 2016

Food | Time for coffee and baking cookies

This weekend I attended a food and gift fair at a local college, as always there are some highs and lows when attending events with alot of stalls. You don't know what is going to be there, and you need to take cash as most can't take cards, so I went with £20 in my pocket and was going to be selective.

I am a sucker for cheese so thats what I was mostly looking forward to buying. As you can tell this post is mostly about coffee so I didn't buy any cheese! Infact there was only one cheese stall and it didn't offer anything much out of the ordinary and didn't seem to stock anything local. 

I love talking to the different sellers so passionate about their product for sale and you feel so bad for not buying from all of them and one in particular stood out which was organic skin products and soy candles which all contained wax from her dad's bees! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I am a coffee addict, so when I spotted Beanies Coffee stand on the way round with flavoured coffee's available I was so happy. Originally buying Very Vanilla and Coconut Delight for a surprisingly low price of £2.50 each, I then went back for few more - Nutty Hazelnut and Irish Cream. I know my dad will be happy with these purchases - as he will enjoy trying them too.

I've only seen flavoured coffee's like this before for french press so I was pretty pleased with these instant options!

I have tried all flavours now, and I think the one that has the most taste out of the 4 I purchased was Nutty Hazelnut. They all smell amazing, but they do have no added sugar to keep their low calorie guarantee so some can be quite bitter but nothing half a sugar can't hurt. 

While at the fair there was a man selling mixes for making your own cookies.. I thought cookies is one of the most simple things to make.. so I went home inspired and I made some using ingredients I had already in. Here is a recipe I use to make some quick and yummy cookies.

5 minutes to prepare, 12 minutes to bake.

You will need (makes up to 15):
200g Butter
300g Caster Sugar
275g SR flour
1 egg
75g Cocoa Powder
Dash of milk
1 bar of milk chocolate
1 bar of white chocolate
1 bar of dark chocolate

Mix all ingredients together except the chocolate until fluffy in a mixer, then break all the chocolate up into squares and then mix by hand. In a pre heated 200c oven, place spoonfuls onto a non stick baking tray with plenty of space, as they will spread. Tanya recommends to make 10 which is what I did, but they were super size, so I think aim for 15 would be best for portion size.

Remove after 12 minutes even if they do not seem cooked as they will remain soft and squidgy. Based on a recipe by Tanya Burr.

To make a less chocolatey version. Leave out the cocoa and swap the chocolate for 4 tubes of smarties instead :-)

Happy Monday!

Love MISS K xx
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