16 March 2016

Tech | LuMee iPhone case

I love a selfie and this is the perfect accessory called LuMee and it is an iPhone case. Discovered by watching the Ellen show on You Tube, Kourtney Kardashian was a guest on the show, and they linked to sister Khloe via FaceTime and she was demonstrating that she is 'boring' without her LuMee light on... her skin looked amazing and Ellen even commented how good she looked.

How does it work?
It is a light up iPhone case with separate charging system (comes with plug charger) and it has lights around the circumference giving you a warm even glow. 

One of my friends Mrs H was way ahead of the times in October with a detachable light to pop on the top of your phone, so I had to tell her about the LuMee and now she has one too...eeek next month when we go out.   

@KimKardashian is also using and endorsing LuMee
With LuMee vs Without 
The case is pretty large and clunky so it does make your iPhone double the size but you don't have on everyday, just for nights out and when you want to take the perfect selfie!

You can buy LuMee's iPhone cases direct for £45 but I found mine on amazon.co.uk for around £25 but I know you can buy for around £18 on eBay. 

Happy Wednesday :-)

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