31 March 2016

North East | The Great British Cupcakery - Newcastle

I only heard about The Great British Cupcakery recently so when my best friend Miss B was home last week (she lives abroad) we wanted to go somewhere local but somewhere new, so this was the perfect place for us. 

We parked up at the quayside car park and walked the short distance to the cafe but we got distracted before we got there and ended up doing a mini photoshoot with my new camera (Olympus Pen PL7) outside the law courts. It was such a great spot with views of the Tyne Bridge, Sage and Gateshead Millennium bridge but then it started to rain so we headed to The Great British Cupcakery for some lunch. 

Tucked away under the Tyne bridge is a lovely green cafe with a very instagram-able interior. We were overwhelmed by the volume of cakes on the counter when we walked into the store. We had our eye on all of them...

By this time it was 2pm so we needed something savoury too. We couldn't select afternoon tea as you had to pre order 1 day in advance, but this was OK as I am not sure we could eat everything on it when we saw what you got. However, I will be back as it looked amazing.

We decided to share a sandwich so there would be more room for cake.  

But... we were then blinded by some exciting milkshakes called 'Geet big shakes' I chose the Mint Choc and B had a white and milk chocolate mix. Well that was the end of our cake dreams. 

The shake finished us off... they are really good value priced at £5, you got alot for your money with a mix of shake, ice cream and a cookie etc - But after leaving room, we had a sugar overload and couldn't face eating any cakes :-(

More excuses to head back another time.

You order at the counter and then your food / drinks were then brought over to you, service was good considering it was super busy with a lovely atmosphere. It wasn't just young girls in there either. There was a mix of families, couples, young lads in their 20's having a shake and a catch up just like me and B. 

It was reasonably priced, we paid approx £15 for everything we had and it was a super place to spend our afternoon catching up and talking about B's up coming wedding in June.

Here are a couple of pics from our walk to the cafe.

Thank you for reading. Let me know of any hidden gem cafe's I am always looking for somewhere new.

Love MISS K xx
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