11 October 2020

Home | New H&M cushions

H&M is my favourite place to buy home decor at the moment. 

No where near me stocks H&M home but it is available online - ordering is OK as the delivery is affordable (usually £2.99) and arrives within 2 days.

I had been looking for some perfect cushions for a few months mostly because I didn't know what I was looking for. I had morrocan theme in my mind to go with my new grey corner sofa, but I just didn't see anything I liked.

When I first discovered H&M's green collection I couldn't resist and had to order these banana tropical leaf cushion covers. I ordered 3 at first as I wasn't sure if more than that would be too much.

I put them on my sofa as soon as they arrived but decided I needed 1 more so I went back on to order and found they were out of stock :-( available in grey

So if I have learnt anything, if you see it buy it, as they have already moved onto Tropical Pineapples.. which is also right up my street!

Instead I ordered 6 more cushion covers in 2 shades of green so I can have them in sets of 3.

The quality of the cushions are so good, the light green were only £2.99 they are lovely material complete with hidden zip fastening on the back. Some of you are probably thinking this is not affordable if you need to buy inners but I had alot of cushions that just needed new covers so this was a good solution for me.

I am happy with my new space.. next step is to fill my table with some complimentary items but it is limiting in size and height so at the moment I have the sections filled with my favourite coffee table books.  

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