2 February 2016

Food | Miss K's special Tiramisu

Tiramisu is one of my fave desserts, finding the perfect recipe is a bit of a challenge as nothing will taste as authentic than eating it in Italy which I have been lucky enough to do.

Quite alot of recipes for tiramisu contain raw egg which i am not a bit fan of but the recipe I found doesn't so let me share my favourite recipe.

If you want to make a giant one like I did which serves 12 portions double up the following ingredients:

250g Marscapone
3 tbsp Amaretto (or Tia Maria)
150ml cold black coffee
4 tbsp icing sugar
150ml single cream
2 tsp vanilla extract
18 savoiardi biscuits (trifle fingers)
cocoa powder or chocolate decorations of your choice
serving dish of your choice - you could even do individual ones if you prefer

1) Mix the marscapone, icing sugar, cream and vanilla extract 

2) Add in amaretto and 50ml of coffee into the mixture - you will need the other 100ml of coffee next

3) Once all of your mixture is ready you can layer up your tiramisu

4) Dip your biscuits one by one in the cold coffee (add a splash of extra booze if you wish) and cover the bottom of your chosen dish - then add a layer of mixture, repeat this until you have used all of your biscuits and mixture up ending with mixture so you can then coat with cocoa

You can make this a day head just cover with clingfilm and place in the fridge. 

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