13 January 2016

North East | Ko Sai , Mason + Rye @ Fenwick Newcastle

Just a quick post to tell you about the Fenwick Food Hall which was relaunched in October 2015, it's amazing...full of beautiful cakes, fresh artisan breads plus a gorgeous cafe and patisserie Mason + Rye and a delicious pan asian noodle eatery called Ko Sai.

Here are a few pics of the beautiful cakes I got to take away from Mason + Rye - which has a yellow is a theme which is really lovely and something different. 

There is nothing quite like this cafe available to me locally so it is worth trekking into the city to find these beautiful treats. 

The counter - image from Fenwick

Here is a closer look at the cakes, special mention for the pistachio and raspberry cupcake which was just delicious and green.  

There is a huge selection of different flavours of cakes and muffins but they also stock a selection of larger cakes you can buy per slice but they have had different ones each time. 

On a different occasion during December I visited the new noodle bar within the Food Hall with my bestie Miss AJ called Ko Sai, it isn't huge so you may need to queue if you visit at a busy time. Lucky for us people were so busy christmas shopping they didn't have time to eat...

Miss AJ having a glass of bubbles
This is what we ordered...we just got so excited by the menu and over ordered but it was so good. 

OMG this chicken bun from the specials board was amazing. I hadn't had a steamed bun before and I thought it would be lovely to try something different.

The chicken was so delicious and tasty - I can't describe what was so amazing about something so simple, but Miss AJ wasn't too happy she didnt' get a bite. Oops

AJ got the Pad Thai and a salmon salad on the side and as we are chicken satay addicts we ordered some of those too.  

Miss AJ and Miss K 

Let me know what you would recommend from the Food Hall. 

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