6 January 2016

Life | Still obsessed with candles

Discovery of some affordable candles with a difference and I had to share. 

My family friend had an amazing candle over winter  when I visited that had a wood wick.. and what more it crackled while it was burning. I was amazed, what a super idea.

It was then on my wish list at £24.99 ....but I had just bought the Air wick wax melter. So I resisted....

It's probably been a month since I gave up looking then when I popped to B&M Bargains this week to stock up on my usual scentless pillar candles and they had some wood wick candles for only £3.99! Well I couldn't resist, I knew it wasn't going to be exactly the same but I had to give it a whirl.They are a pretty good size and they had at least 4 different scents to choose from. 

It's day 3 and I am pretty impressed. They are quite slow burning, they have a lovely scent and the crackle is there but not as loud and obvious as the real thing.

I think they are great for something different than the usual candle but I will still consider buying the real thing from WoodWick eventually.

Happy Wednesday!

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