30 January 2016

Beauty | New Charlotte Tilbury in my makeup bag

If you could see my full lipstick collection you would know I don't need another.. but Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are not like any other. On the rare occasion I am at the counter in Newcastle I decided to choose 2 new ones to add to my collection.

Charlotte Tilbury counter  - Fenwick Newcastle

My favourite Charlotte I own already is 'Sexy Sienna' coral shade from the matte revolution collection so I was looking for something similar but in a different shade. I picked up 'Amazing Grace' (Grace Kelly) which a has a more dark pink tone (Charlotte says Vintage Tea Rose) to it but goes on just as beautiful. I love the square shape but that soon goes to be expected with frequent use.

Matte revolution is my favourite of the 2 kinds of CT lipsticks. 

First outing of Amazing Grace

The other new addition I picked up is more for everyday wear called 'Nude Kate' (Kate Moss) which reminds me of my favourite Mac 'Shy Girl' but I love the colour. 

It is a good alternative to the darker nude I already have 'Hepburn Honey' which I think always makes me look older (just being honest) think its because its quite sensible compared to others.

Lipstick minis with ribbons are very good value

This barely there nude is a great staple for your make up bag but is more sheer and lipgloss sticky compared to other k.i.s.s.i.n.g ones i have tried - Bitch Perfect and Penelope Pink - which are both also amazing. They come as part of a 3 gift pack of mini lipstick charms with Marilyn Red which is a superb gift for any lipstick lover and perfect for your handbag. 

Wearing Nude Kate lipstick
See my previous post on Charlotte Tilbury

Thank you for reading :-)

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17 January 2016

Tech | Start up guide to Pinterest - hitting 6k

As a pinterest addict, I think I am in a good position to write this start up guide  which should be useful if you are wanting to get into Pinterest and you haven't yet joined or not sure where to start if you have.

Some of my boards
Pinterest launched in 2010, and I am trying to think how long I have had my account.. I think around 4 years. When I joined you needed to apply and you had to wait 24 hrs before you could get started, unless you knew someone who already had membership then they could invite you.  Once I had membership I invited a few friends and that was much quicker than brand new users.

Anyways things have changed, you can just join now like you would any other app and you can link to your Facebook if you want to. I don't link to any other platform, as I think followers would get a little mad with my notifications as a day doesn't go by that I don't pin something.

I mostly pin on iPhone or iPad but you can from desktop and there is even a link you can add to your favourites bar which shows you all the posts possible from that webpage.

According to Pinterest there is now 50+ BILLION pins to explore and it only takes 15 seconds to join.

Some of my boards
What is Pinterest?
It is basically a mood board / idea sourcing app where you can have unlimited boards and source your images from anywhere on the internet.

Don't fall into the trap thinking you are pinning things from google. You are pinning mostly from blogs, articles, magazines and shops. So when you are starting out it is better to source within the app than add from the outside. It's surprising how much is already out there. 

You are 'stealing' from someone else's board so they will be notified. They won't mind, they probably got it from someone else too. When you click the image you have pinned, it should take you to the source of the image like a recipe, but sometimes when its been shared so much it becomes a dead end and you just have to keep the image for reference instead of purpose. 

It's strange to see what is popular as over time 3k people might have the same picture on a board but over 600 of them might get it from you. 

I have 36 boards... all are very different....containing 6k pins!

I also have 7 secret boards, 1 of those I share with my friend and we pin things on there we are both interested in. It's easier than messaging each other we just pin.

Sharing board?  This is good if you are planning an event and other people you follow can add pins / images / posts to the board as this is unlimited and not everyone will search the exact same word so you will get different results. This is unlimited just add them in the set up of the board or afterwards in edit.

Why make a secret board? Well I didn't at first, but then you have a good idea and you want to look into it further before sharing with friends / followers. You can make it public at anytime in the settings for that board but what it means is that when you pin no notifications are given and also no one can see your board within your profile. I have over 900 pins that are private over 7 boards.

Whats the different between a like and a pin?
You can like pin someone else has pinned without following them and without pinning it to one of your boards. You can tell from my likes, i don't really like much. If I like something I pin it for later. This app remembers everything! 

Can you message someone you follow?
Yes you can. If you are on a pin, you can share it by clicking on the flying envelope and forward to someone with a comment, I do this quite alot, its a good way of recommending a pin to a follower and they might add it to a board.

Who do you follow?
I follow bloggers, shops and magazines mostly - I do follow other pinners who have similar interests but compared to my Instagram I keep my followings to a minimum so I can see what others have been pinning on my news feed.

What are your Top 5 most pinned boards?

Fashion Wardrobe 1223 pins - I have 2 separate boards for A/W and S/S fashion, but anything that is my signature style or what I wish was in my wardrobe I pop here for reference - having a board with over 1k images does mean I sometimes try to pin items twice and the app will say, you already have this.. oops

Food & cocktails 1205 pins - Do I need to explain? I pop anything on here for the way it is displayed, I have got some great ideas from this. I also save recipes I want to try or cocktails I want to drink.

House & Garden dreams 602 pins - It doesn't matter where you live, you will always want something new or bigger and better.. this is what lives on here. I am not saying I will do these things but its nice to dream.

Autumn / Winter trends 347 pins - Links to fashion wardrobe, mostly on here is coats, faux fur trends, wrapping up warm for the wintery months.

Bits and Bobs 300 pins - Eeek I have a miscellaneous board. I never wanted one of these but sometimes things just don't fit into my other 35 boards and I will pop it here. I might sort it out one day.

Hope this guide has been useful. If you want to follow me you can @Misskeveryday I am always pinning something.  My latest board is top secret so things maybe quieter than usual..

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13 January 2016

North East | Ko Sai , Mason + Rye @ Fenwick Newcastle

Just a quick post to tell you about the Fenwick Food Hall which was relaunched in October 2015, it's amazing...full of beautiful cakes, fresh artisan breads plus a gorgeous cafe and patisserie Mason + Rye and a delicious pan asian noodle eatery called Ko Sai.

Here are a few pics of the beautiful cakes I got to take away from Mason + Rye - which has a yellow is a theme which is really lovely and something different. 

There is nothing quite like this cafe available to me locally so it is worth trekking into the city to find these beautiful treats. 

The counter - image from Fenwick

Here is a closer look at the cakes, special mention for the pistachio and raspberry cupcake which was just delicious and green.  

There is a huge selection of different flavours of cakes and muffins but they also stock a selection of larger cakes you can buy per slice but they have had different ones each time. 

On a different occasion during December I visited the new noodle bar within the Food Hall with my bestie Miss AJ called Ko Sai, it isn't huge so you may need to queue if you visit at a busy time. Lucky for us people were so busy christmas shopping they didn't have time to eat...

Miss AJ having a glass of bubbles
This is what we ordered...we just got so excited by the menu and over ordered but it was so good. 

OMG this chicken bun from the specials board was amazing. I hadn't had a steamed bun before and I thought it would be lovely to try something different.

The chicken was so delicious and tasty - I can't describe what was so amazing about something so simple, but Miss AJ wasn't too happy she didnt' get a bite. Oops

AJ got the Pad Thai and a salmon salad on the side and as we are chicken satay addicts we ordered some of those too.  

Miss AJ and Miss K 

Let me know what you would recommend from the Food Hall. 

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9 January 2016

Home | Ikea Bar Cart Hack

There is nothing I like more than to entertain and have friends over for food and drinks. So I decided that I would like a destination area in my kitchen now we have some extra space. A trolley that will hold all my nice glasses and drinks was going to be just what I needed.

Last summer I started the search on Pinterest for a 'kitchen trolley' or 'bar cart' and wow there are some amazing ones. You can pay £300+ for a gold wheeled trolley but I didn't need something so fancy. I wanted the concept and it will just evolve over time as I might spray paint it but this is my Bar Cart so far. 

I picked up the Bygel Trolley from Ikea for only £18 in September. You do have to build it yourself like most stuff from ikea but its quick to do.

Once built I organised my trolley with my alcohol collection on the bottom shelf to keep it sturdy - you could put the odd bottle of prosecco on the top shelf but I don't know if I would trust it to put more than that. 

I then hand picked my favourite glasses to put on display and some cool fruit straws and cocktail decs - these are items I would usually hide in a draw or cupboard.

I did buy one extra item that I had wanted for a while which was a cocktail / punch dispenser which was £10 from Matalan.

In the draw I keep a selection of napkins depending on the situation plus extra straws plus some cocktail books for recipes.

Hope you enjoyed this tour of my Bar Cart!

I will be doing a post on my beautiful kitchen table and chairs soon.. just looking for a few more items to finish off the space first.

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6 January 2016

Life | Still obsessed with candles

Discovery of some affordable candles with a difference and I had to share. 

My family friend had an amazing candle over winter  when I visited that had a wood wick.. and what more it crackled while it was burning. I was amazed, what a super idea.

It was then on my wish list at £24.99 ....but I had just bought the Air wick wax melter. So I resisted....

It's probably been a month since I gave up looking then when I popped to B&M Bargains this week to stock up on my usual scentless pillar candles and they had some wood wick candles for only £3.99! Well I couldn't resist, I knew it wasn't going to be exactly the same but I had to give it a whirl.They are a pretty good size and they had at least 4 different scents to choose from. 

It's day 3 and I am pretty impressed. They are quite slow burning, they have a lovely scent and the crackle is there but not as loud and obvious as the real thing.

I think they are great for something different than the usual candle but I will still consider buying the real thing from WoodWick eventually.

Happy Wednesday!

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2 January 2016

Food | Victoria Sponge for 2016

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year celebrations with family and friends.  

Have you made any resolutions for the year ahead?

I felt like baking on New Years Day and was wondering how I could make it more of a celebration cake than usual. I made a classic Victoria Sponge with buttercream and raspberries. Here is my recipe  (based on the old favourite bero book but doubled and a bit extra)

What you need to make-
Cake :
8oz Self Raising Flour
8oz Margarine
8oz Caster Sugar
4 eggs
2 tbsp Vanilla extract

5oz marg
10oz icing sugar
1 tbsp Vanilla extract
Jam of your choice - I used Strawberry
Raspberries to decorate if you wish
Extra icing sugar to sprinkle 

Line your two sandwich tins with greaseproof paper 

Split your cake mixture between the 2 tins

Bake your cake for approx 20 minutes at 180 degrees (fan oven)

Once the cakes had cooled a little I turned them out of their tins and left them for 1 hour. 

While I waited for the cakes to cool I made the butter cream icing.

Once the cakes had fully cooled coat one half with Jam and the other butter cream then layer.

I then decided to cut out 2016 in some left over greaseproof paper for when I sprinkled icing sugar.

To finish the cake off I decorated with a few raspberries, then after I had taken the photos my nephew then picked them all off and ate them :-)

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