9 December 2015

Yorkshire | Bettys festive treats

Bettys cafes are dotted around Yorkshire and they do the best festive treats! Over the last month I have visited both York and Harrogate branches so I thought I would share what yummy things they have on offer.

I did also go for brunch on Sunday at the York cafe but it was a no mobile phone area so there is no pics of our delicious food (such a shame it was very nicely presented - I should have broken the rules). I went with my good friend Mrs B first thing on Sunday when we got off the train. We thought it would be better than queuing for lunch when we could be drinking some wine.... 

You are not able to book tables at Bettys so you have to be willing to queue outside. The one in York is 2 floors so if you are able to sit lower ground where you can't be 'seen' you can get seated pretty quickly and we didn't mind. 

We both ordered breakfast but there were many people choosing to have cake (i can't lie.. I was tempted) but instead I opted for the scrambled eggs on a toasted muffin with 2 rashers of Yorkshire bacon.  My friend had the Eggs Royal with smoked salmon and said it was super tasty. 

Back to the purpose of this post - over the two occasions I have visited Bettys over the last month I picked up these treats to share with Mr P. 

For those who do not like christmas puddings, this little cupcake is a good alternative. It is a vanilla sponge with butter cream wrapped in marzipan and decorated like a christmas pudding. Light and fluffy and perfect for a little treat. 

Bettys also have a lovely collection of cookies especially the ginger biscuits lebkuchen which they have in various christmas outfits - Snowman approx £2.50 or Santa which has alot more detail for around £4.25
These would make lovely stocking fillers or a little treat for a friend during the festive season.

They also had a shortbread rudolf but I couldn't take him home as well..

Bettys are also known for their classic Fat Rascal which are a scone type cake with alot of mixed fruit then decorated with face made of cherries and almonds. They currently have a christmas special which has stronger spices but tasted very similar.

Pretty Bettys window in Harrogate
Hope you are all enjoying the run up to the big day... not long to go now.

Love Miss K xx
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