19 December 2015

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I am obsessed with IKEA at the best of times but I absolutely LOVE their Christmas decorations and lighting. If you don't know its always right by the checkout, so I always park up near the exit and walk in where the returns are.

It is a little overwhelming to see what they have as there is such a high volume of christmas decorations, gift wrap, lights and candles.  

It's not totally expensive but the fact you end up buying multiple items means it ends up being more than you planned.

My kitchen is quite dark, even though I have painted it white, my table and chairs are white, but I decided a table lamp would be good.

My table is new so I wanted something special to make it festive.

I fell in love instantly with the copper multiple star light, it doesn't give off loads of light but it does add a bit of something. Bonus is that it is battery powered but it also comes with a plug, and the batteries are recharged. 

I know I am going to end up keeping this up all year around as it will look lovely on my desk if not longer on my kitchen table.

It was £24 but they did have to slightly cheaper £18 when I went for a second trip for more of the next item but I didn't need to buy another haha.

I  can't wait to tell you about a special copper star table lamp which I am totally in love with. 

It was only £8!!!!!!!!!!!

Made of card I know its not going to last forever but its beautiful and perfect for brightening up my dark kitchen.

I will just tell you quickly about my paper decorations on the wall. They were only £1 each from Wilkinson's they had alot of lovely paper decorations but most of them would need to hang from the ceiling and I just didn't want to make unnecessary holes. 

So I made multiple holes in the walls instead.. well I said I.. MR P got that job. 


Because one star lamp wasn't enough...........I went back and purchased a red patterned version which would compliment my nordic theme red and white tree. Here it is next to my christmas tree complete with 'snow' faux fur rug.

Wishing you all a very festive weekend... the last one before Santa arrives. I still don't have any presents bought eeeeek!

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  1. I love the star lights but I think the paper decorations on the wall are my favourite - £1 is a bargain!

    1. Everyone loves a bargain... all i am wondering now is what do i put up there once festive season ends.. hehe Happy Christmas to you.


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