5 December 2015

Festive | Air Wick Wax Melter

There is nothing better when the weather is rotten outside than shutting all the curtains, lighting all the candles and having a lovely scent of christmas to fill the house. 

Stocking up on christmas scented candles can be costly but they don't really last long when you put them on for an average 5 hours per evening.  
I ended up talking about this with my friend Miss V who I know also likes candles and she asked if I had seen the Air Wick wax melter which gives you the lovely smell without a flame.This sounded like a perfect idea!

I picked one up at my local Wilkinsons and it was on special introduction offer in October for only £5 for the wax melter and £2.50 per additional pack of melts. 

With only a choice of 4 fragrances, I had to weigh it up if I was going to be happy with that but i thought if I do get fed up Yankee candles do wax melters so they were an option, no reason why it wouldn't work.

I checked prices today and if you shop around you can still get the melter for around the same price I paid.

In the additional packs you get 6 melts with an average of 20 hours per melt. Much better value then scented candles.

It's been over a month since I bought it, I am super happy with this solution and now only buy unscented pillar candles at my local B&M store for only £2.99 which last a couple of weeks, so I have the best of both worlds. 

Everyone who visits my home comments on the beautiful smell. My favourite is 'Mum's baking' which is a lovely warm vanilla scent like fresh pie and of course the festive fragrance 'Mulled Wine by the fire'. 

Love Miss K xx
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