11 November 2015

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After 6 years Mr P and I have moved and we finally have some extra room, so as the person with the most 'stuff' I decided to turn one of the spare rooms into a dressing 'wardrobe' room.

I can't actually believe it after sharing one wardrobe with Mr P for such a long time, I used to have piles of clothes all over the place, constantly feeling in a mess and sometimes I would buy something new as I didn't know where anything was.  

I feel stressed just thinking about it. I don't ever want to go back to that after what I have now, but I know its not forever so I won't take it for granted.

When I first decided to turn the space into a dressing room I had a few key requirements: 

1) Fill the room with things you love
2) White walls - it goes with everything
3) Good wardrobe
4) Dressing table
5) Hat stand
6) Patterned carpet

I picked up this Hat Stand (#5) which was on my must have list for only £7 at my local B&M store. You do need to assemble it yourself but it was totally worth it. If you have some hats this is such a great investment as they are super hard to store.

I then purchased this small dressing table (#4) with a basic chair from Ikea then placed a white shelf above for more storage and display.

The dressing table is the perfect size for this room, with one large draw which I have filled with makeup, I have collected loads over the years and its great to see it all in one place and finally start using those things I has buried away.

I also have lots of small white boxes for storage to keep my necklaces, belts and sunglasses in order. 

The wardrobe (#3) came with the house, but it was elsewhere so I had to ask Mr P to relocate it to this room with some help from our parents. But I cannot believe the space and compartments in it. I feel so organised and everything now has its place.

I painted all the walls white (#2), but then I felt like it needed a bit more personality so I decided to add a splash of green on one wall (green is my favourite colour #1) and to finish it off I added an affordable polka dot rug also from Ikea (#6). 

I am still adding bits and bobs to the room, framing some photos with my friends I know not everything has to be done at once.

Hope you enjoyed this room tour and now you can see where I will now be taking my #ootd posts.

** This post was not sponsored by Ikea.. I just LOVE it.

Love Miss K xx
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