29 November 2015

Festive | Zubrowka Zu cocktail

Festive season is here and its always fun to find new drinks to try with friends. I always gather all of the pull outs in magazines and free cocktail brochures if in Waitrose and I discovered this cocktail for some vodka I had in stock on my bar cart. 

What you need - serves 2
100ml Zubrowska Vodka
300ml Apple juice
1 tsp Ground cinnamon in each glass
Apple slices to garnish
Lots of crushed ice

I added the vodka and apple juice with ice then mixed in a cocktail shaker then added to a nice glass (copper cups made it look more festive) then I sprinkled the cinnamon on the top with an apple slice and straw.

It tasted really nice, like a yummy apple danish dessert. Perfect little pick me up.

Miss AJ did the taste test #thumbsup

More festive drink ideas coming over the next few weeks!

Love Miss K xx

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  1. Can I ask where the cups are from? They are lovely x

    1. Hi Rachel, They are called Moscow Mule mugs. I got these at TKmaxx but lots of other places sell them. :-)


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