21 November 2015

Fashion | Where is your hat from?

I have never had so much attention.. my most asked question over the last couple of weeks... Where is your hat from? So I thought I better spill the beans.

Hats are a key feature in my winter wardrobe and anything seems to go these days floppy hats, beanies but lets discuss the bobble hat!

Last year I bought a dark green one with a dark green bobble from Topshop but I felt a bit limited what I could wear it with but it does match 2 of my coats. But.. justifying the new hat purchase...the bobble just wasn't quite big enough for my liking. 

I then started seeing girls from Towie wearing the perfect hats Fearne, Billie and Jessica. Jessica Wright is actually selling a similar hat on her website for £25. But the hat I have to tell you about is a bit more special for an extra £1.

I googled, searched instagram for big furry pom pom hats and this led me to discover an online Yorkshire brand based in Harrogate called 'Pomskii' and I even found some new favourite instagrammers too.

New fave instagrammer @elizabethumpleby wearing Caramel Pomskii #wishlist
Thank you for sharing your pic!

So whats so good about these hats? well....you can wear them like this!

Or you can wear them like that.......

To get started you buy a complete hat with the brown fluffy pom pom known as the 'original' then you can buy extra hats or pom poms to change your look.  

I purchased a full khaki green original pomskii then I bought a black hat and jet black pom pom separate so I could have 4 looks instead of 1.

How does this work? The pom pom attaches with a popper.... so you can buy multiple hats and pom poms and mix them up to make up your own combination. What a great idea!!

Thanks to my beautiful friends Miss KF and Mrs H for modelling 
They are quite expensive at £26 but the hat is of a good quality and I can buy new hats for only £11 and add on my already purchased pom pom £16 for a new look.. I may have ordered a few more colours this week to wear with my pom poms shhhh.

Here are some more photos of my beautiful hats in the combinations I have been wearing them in October and November.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and now you know where I got my hat from!

If you fancy getting one head over to Pomskii my hats arrived within 4 days of purchase and delivery is £3.50 no matter how much you purchase. 

There is a brand local to me I have discovered since that also does a similar product - The Mad Hatter of Durham and they are priced at £19.99 and to be honest have alot more colours of hat and pom poms available so they might be worth a look too.

I wish I had thought of this.. unlimited hats.

Love Miss K xx
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