26 November 2015

Beauty | Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nails

I have been doing my own Shellac nails for a few years now, it's an expensive habit to keep up with maintaining UV bulbs, cost of the machine, bottom coat, range of colours and top coat. But it is cheaper than going to the salon to get your nails done every two weeks....

Sadly my machine died for the second time and it's just not worth repairing, so I was looking for a cheap alternative until I can invest in a new one.

One of the Pixiwoo girls mentioned Sally Hansen has brought out a gel collection so I went to my local Superdrug to take a look.

The bottles are £9.99 each whether that be a colour or top coat. They were on 3 for 2 at the time so I picked up 2 colours and 1 top coat for just short of £20. They did have a few christmas specials in a duo box, but I didn't fancy any of the colours. I am always about a classic red. The pale nude is just not worth a mention.

I was pretty impressed, I applied 2 coats of colour (brush is a great square shape), leaving 5 minutes between coats, then I left the second coat a bit longer before applying the top coat. 

It was shiny and felt strong, but it just didnt have the thickness of shellac once it had dried, so up to an hour later I now add another layer of top coat and I now have found a result I am pretty happy with.

What else... I have tried it on normal nail varnish and this top coat sits well on that too so if you are just looking for a new top coat, maybe just try this.

Happy Thursday! 

Love Miss K xx
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