29 November 2015

Festive | Zubrowka Zu cocktail

Festive season is here and its always fun to find new drinks to try with friends. I always gather all of the pull outs in magazines and free cocktail brochures if in Waitrose and I discovered this cocktail for some vodka I had in stock on my bar cart. 

What you need - serves 2
100ml Zubrowska Vodka
300ml Apple juice
1 tsp Ground cinnamon in each glass
Apple slices to garnish
Lots of crushed ice

I added the vodka and apple juice with ice then mixed in a cocktail shaker then added to a nice glass (copper cups made it look more festive) then I sprinkled the cinnamon on the top with an apple slice and straw.

It tasted really nice, like a yummy apple danish dessert. Perfect little pick me up.

Miss AJ did the taste test #thumbsup

More festive drink ideas coming over the next few weeks!

Love Miss K xx

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21 November 2015

Fashion | Where is your hat from?

I have never had so much attention.. my most asked question over the last couple of weeks... Where is your hat from? So I thought I better spill the beans.

Hats are a key feature in my winter wardrobe and anything seems to go these days floppy hats, beanies but lets discuss the bobble hat!

Last year I bought a dark green one with a dark green bobble from Topshop but I felt a bit limited what I could wear it with but it does match 2 of my coats. But.. justifying the new hat purchase...the bobble just wasn't quite big enough for my liking. 

I then started seeing girls from Towie wearing the perfect hats Fearne, Billie and Jessica. Jessica Wright is actually selling a similar hat on her website for £25. But the hat I have to tell you about is a bit more special for an extra £1.

I googled, searched instagram for big furry pom pom hats and this led me to discover an online Yorkshire brand based in Harrogate called 'Pomskii' and I even found some new favourite instagrammers too.

New fave instagrammer @elizabethumpleby wearing Caramel Pomskii #wishlist
Thank you for sharing your pic!

So whats so good about these hats? well....you can wear them like this!

Or you can wear them like that.......

To get started you buy a complete hat with the brown fluffy pom pom known as the 'original' then you can buy extra hats or pom poms to change your look.  

I purchased a full khaki green original pomskii then I bought a black hat and jet black pom pom separate so I could have 4 looks instead of 1.

How does this work? The pom pom attaches with a popper.... so you can buy multiple hats and pom poms and mix them up to make up your own combination. What a great idea!!

Thanks to my beautiful friends Miss KF and Mrs H for modelling 
They are quite expensive at £26 but the hat is of a good quality and I can buy new hats for only £11 and add on my already purchased pom pom £16 for a new look.. I may have ordered a few more colours this week to wear with my pom poms shhhh.

Here are some more photos of my beautiful hats in the combinations I have been wearing them in October and November.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and now you know where I got my hat from!

If you fancy getting one head over to Pomskii my hats arrived within 4 days of purchase and delivery is £3.50 no matter how much you purchase. 

There is a brand local to me I have discovered since that also does a similar product - The Mad Hatter of Durham and they are priced at £19.99 and to be honest have alot more colours of hat and pom poms available so they might be worth a look too.

I wish I had thought of this.. unlimited hats.

Love Miss K xx
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19 November 2015

North East | Lumiere Festival Durham 2015

The Lumiere festival is over until 2017 and it is reported 200k visitors attended the event in Durham over the 4 days 12th - 15th November. So I thought it would be nice for those who didn't get a chance to go or are not local I wanted to share some of the highlights and my favourite snaps.

This event only comes around once every 2 years so when the date is set people start to look forward to it and register for updates. There is a release of 'tickets' 1 month before which are 'free' for those who want to go early 4.30 - 7.30pm but you have to collect from local spots around County Durham.  But in addition to collecting in person this year you could order online via Ticketmaster for £1 per ticket then £2.95 postage fee... so a free tickets doesn't end up so free if you are wanting to go early on a particular day, it suited me  to do this.

I went to the event on the Friday so I booked the day off work and used the Durham Park n Ride but chose to go into Durham early at 3pm so we had no problem getting parked  (apparently most were full by 5pm) then the bus journey was £2 each return and we headed to the Town Hall to pick up  a brochure / map for a donation of £1. We then went for a pre drink at Whiskey River bar and of course an Espresso Martini was in order while we planned our route.

The event officially started at 4.30pm when it was just dark enough to appreciate the lights. I knew it was popular so we started with Mysticete which was a whale projection in the river which could be seen from the Elvet Bridge. There were blasts of water to demonstrate the movement and sounds were used to demonstrate the whale in the water too including usual whale noises you would expect.

We then walked up to the Cathedral to watch 'The World Machine' light projection which told the origin of the universe. It did go on for nearly 10 minutes and it was constantly moving but it wasn't my favourite.

You then needed to queue to get into the Cathedral to see Complex Meshes 2015 which the pattern changed depending on how many people walked past a sensor.

Then the next one we saw was just outside was the Litre of Light  which was made of plastic bottles contributed by a number of schools in County Durham.  This was a great touch to get children in the area involved in the event and be proud they could contribute to one of the features.

Garden of light in the Cathedral Gardens was lovely and pretty there were so many to see and it was hard to get a picture of all of them at once.

After we left the gardens we went on a river walk which was lit by pretty strings of lights but I have to be honest it was a little scary down there as the river was higher than usual and running pretty fast.

On the walk we were able to see Rainbow River, Fogscape and Fools paradise.

The last one I have to tell you about was my favourite of the festival called the Cloud.

6000 light bulbs which from a distance looks like a rain cloud, but close up the rain is actually chains to turn the light bulbs on and off. It was very popular with all ages so we all clearly wished we were 5 again.

We spent 3 hours walking around the event and in the cold and rain this was long enough. I did miss out seeing some of the event but I had had enough it got a bit too busy for me after 7.30pm.

Parts of this event moves to London on 14th - 17th January 2016 if you live in the area.

Love Miss K xx
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11 November 2015

Home | Wardrobe Room Tour

After 6 years Mr P and I have moved and we finally have some extra room, so as the person with the most 'stuff' I decided to turn one of the spare rooms into a dressing 'wardrobe' room.

I can't actually believe it after sharing one wardrobe with Mr P for such a long time, I used to have piles of clothes all over the place, constantly feeling in a mess and sometimes I would buy something new as I didn't know where anything was.  

I feel stressed just thinking about it. I don't ever want to go back to that after what I have now, but I know its not forever so I won't take it for granted.

When I first decided to turn the space into a dressing room I had a few key requirements: 

1) Fill the room with things you love
2) White walls - it goes with everything
3) Good wardrobe
4) Dressing table
5) Hat stand
6) Patterned carpet

I picked up this Hat Stand (#5) which was on my must have list for only £7 at my local B&M store. You do need to assemble it yourself but it was totally worth it. If you have some hats this is such a great investment as they are super hard to store.

I then purchased this small dressing table (#4) with a basic chair from Ikea then placed a white shelf above for more storage and display.

The dressing table is the perfect size for this room, with one large draw which I have filled with makeup, I have collected loads over the years and its great to see it all in one place and finally start using those things I has buried away.

I also have lots of small white boxes for storage to keep my necklaces, belts and sunglasses in order. 

The wardrobe (#3) came with the house, but it was elsewhere so I had to ask Mr P to relocate it to this room with some help from our parents. But I cannot believe the space and compartments in it. I feel so organised and everything now has its place.

I painted all the walls white (#2), but then I felt like it needed a bit more personality so I decided to add a splash of green on one wall (green is my favourite colour #1) and to finish it off I added an affordable polka dot rug also from Ikea (#6). 

I am still adding bits and bobs to the room, framing some photos with my friends I know not everything has to be done at once.

Hope you enjoyed this room tour and now you can see where I will now be taking my #ootd posts.

** This post was not sponsored by Ikea.. I just LOVE it.

Love Miss K xx
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