22 October 2015

North East | Yves Saint Laurent exhibition at Bowes Museum

Last week, Miss S and I had a very fashionable weekend!

Part 1 ~ Yves Saint Laurent exhibition at Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle and Part 2 ~ 'Style is eternal' talk with Lauren Laverne & Laura Craik as part of the Durham Book Festival.

@Bowes Museum
(Exhibition finishes on 8th November)

Flags are out at Bowes Museum
OOTD plaid shirt, leather trim skirt and black ankle boots

Before you attend the YSL exhibition you have to pre book a 1 hour slot and pay in advance through Ticketmaster. It is £12.50 each with a small booking fee then you need to print a copy of your ticket out and take it with you. 

The collection was meant to close on the 25th October but has now been extended until 8th November due to high demand. 

The visit itself is not huge there are 2 rooms of clothing plus a catwalk on a large screen of YSL collections. 

We spent around 40 minutes in the collection which did seem enough, but i am not sure I would have visited from further afield for this.

Barnard Castle, the village where Bowes Museum is situated is around 40 minutes drive from Durham City. It has beautiful grounds which include fountains and manicured gardens, plus behind the building is a woodland walk suitable for kids and families.

Parking is free surrounding the gardens plus a large car park behind the building.

I have not been since the Vivienne Westwood collection around 5 years ago so I couldn't wait to go and see what was inside.
Bowes Museum

When you enter the collection which is on the first floor of the museum, you walk in to the middle of the exhibition so you might not start in the same place as someone else but there is not specific timeline to the collection.

The room on the left, contains the most history and everything shown is behind glass or in a cupboard where you can open the draws and take a look inside.

We liked the illustrations printed onto sheer material covering the usual museum interiors.

You can take a seat on the FROW and watch the YSL catwalk including clothes included in the exhibition.

Miss K and Miss S on the FROW

REAL hand drawn illustrations from a 20 something Yves which included swatches

My favourite item in the collection was this jacket, who knows how much this item would have cost but the crystal and sequin detail was truly special.

This sparkle top and polka dot skirt really did stick out as something special.

Miss S enjoying the exhibition

Launching masculine fashion with the first female suit illustrations.

This colourful jacket is something I would love to wear today, I can imagine it would be very heavy. LOVE the buttons!

Yves Saint Laurent is known to say 'Fashion fades, style is eternal' which is what the exhibition is named after, and I can understand what he meant. 

Fast fashion seems to have taken over with the likes of Primark and New Look to contribute to this movement, and as much as its great to have more choice in your wardrobe. If you want your clothes to last you have to invest in quality.

Not everyone can afford to buy YSL of course.

I used to work on the high street and I would buy something new every week and rarely would wear something twice in a month.

Now I don't work on the high street anymore and I can see the positive impact on my bank balance by being more selective on my clothing choices and not worry if I have worn items before. 

Now, I would much rather spend £100 on a skirt and wear it to a few events with a different top to get value for money.

Before I buy fast fashion now I like to tell myself... 'buy cheap - buy it twice'.

Lets start making more investments!

This dress was very Carrie Bradshaw!

Look at the back!

Trays of buttons!
Leaving the exhibition, I couldn't resit my pic with the fountain!

Finishing mini adventure with a stop off at Starbucks
SUNDAY ~ Part 2
@Durham Town Hall

To support the exhibition Lauren Laverne and Laura Craik travelled to Durham to talk and be interviewed about 'Style is eternal' statement by YSL.

Tickets for the event had to be booked in advance for the 1 hour slot as part of the Durham Book Festival in October. 

Miss S, Miss A and I took a seat in a beautiful room within the Town Hall ready for Lauren and Laura to arrive.

The event started with a short video of Lauren attending the exhibition and interviewing the Joanna Hashagen, Keeper of Fashion & Textiles at Bowes Museum. 

Joanna advised that she had been working 2 years on getting the collection ready and how the content tied heavily to the french relationship the museum and YSL.

Watch the video shown at the exhibition.

Laura Craik is not a name I had heard of before, but she blew me away with her 17 years of knowledge of the catwalk and even told a story of when she attended YSL's final show where the whole audience ended up in tears.

Lauren and Laura had great rapport and you could tell have a really good working relationship at The Pool website.

They both had alot of stories to tell about fashion and you could tell they were passionate about this topic.

Laura Craik & Lauren Laverne 'style is eternal' discussion

I could probably tell you loads more, but you have probably switched off by now.

If you haven't been and you are local to Barnard Castle, it is worth the day trip. Just remember to book your ticket.

Love Miss K xx
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