27 October 2015

Fashion | Alexa Chung - Future of Fashion

Alexa Chung (source of image)
I still remember Alexa Chung from her days on channel 4 Sunday morning TV on Popworld and T4. But I was surprised when I googled that she is only 6 months older than me so I maybe should have identified with her earlier.

I have followed Alexa for her fashion for a long time, she always seems to get the casual festival spot on, a look I have always struggled with. I would put her in the same category as a fashion leader with Olivia Palermo who is our real life Carrie Bradshaw and who can dismiss the Kardashian's. 

Before looking into Alexa's career I assumed she was well known for her appearances on TV but after a bit of research she started her fashion career as a model when she was 16 before quitting by the time she was 21. She now only makes rare appearances in the modelling world unless endorsing products, like Mulberry and Longchamp. 

Over the last month Alexa has been presenting a series on the British Vogue You Tube channel which I have really enjoyed and the purpose of my post as I had to share these with you. Episodes 1, 4 and 5 were my favourites and now I am obsessed with Balmain fashion house. 

If you have an hour to spare and you love fashion I think you would really enjoy the series - I feel inspired to follow Alexa's career a bit closer now.

Alexa Chung - Future of Fashion Series
Full 1 hour episode
Episode 1 How to Break into the Fashion Industry
Episode 2 How to Become a Fashion Designer
Episode 3 Positive Body Image & Diversity
Episode 4 How to Become a Fashion Buyer / Trends
Episode 5 How Social Change can Help the Fashion Industry Progress

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