27 September 2015

Tech | Apple Watch Sport and iSO 2 update

Ever since Apple announced there was going to be a watch in Sept 2014 I had picked out which one I was going to get (the rose gold with the pale pink strap) but then when they released the prices it had a £13k price tag so I had to change my mind!

After a few months after launch I listened to reviews and it was pretty mixed, was this watch really worth the money?

I love all things Apple so decided to just make up my own mind and I choose the Apple Watch Sport but with the 42mm screen compared to the 38mm which is also available.

I have now had my watch for over 4 months and I think only now i am getting used it everything it can do, and I know I will never use all of it, bit like any iPhone.

What does it even do?
Well similar to an iPhone you can make and take calls, send and receive text /  imessages, browse your photos, get notifications for your favourite apps and pay for your coffee in Costa and Starbucks in app's. Plus now Apple Pay has been released it is available at numerous places by placing your watch or phone over payment readers.

Is it worth the hype?
Errr Yes and No.. Yes its super clever , sports app is fantastic and I love the fact I can read a text and send a text by speaking back but did I really pay £300ish to do that? 

However, its not all positive, its quite annoying when it taps you all the time to notify you of a Facebook comment or a like on one of your instagrams, so i have had to turn this all off.

But.. I have been able to throw my phone in my bag instead of holding onto it as I can quickly read a text or answer a call if I have my hands full. However, it does makes you more available so there is no excuses for not reading a message or seeing a diary entry.

One thing my boyfriend doesn't like is the fact if I am waiting for a reply on a text about what he wants for tea or from the supermarket, and I have heard nothing! I can send him multiple taps on his watch and it will play it back on his wrist without asking first so guaranteed to get his attention! haha #toptips

The set up only took a couple of minutes after unboxing - I turned it on and let it configure the latest software which didnt take long and then using the 'Apple Watch' App and it is then paired with your iPhone - as it won't work without it.

This post will mostly be of screenshots of the Watch features and letting you know my opinion. 

To make the most of some of the features you do need to know at least one person that has a Apple Watch. 

You can read your Blood Pressure as part of the fitness app, it does it automatically but it also allows you to send your heart beat to a loved one.

Using the Fitness Activity tracker you have a record of your daily steps in miles plus you can set calorie burning goals if you want to challenge yourself. You also get badges (I love stickers!) when you reach a goal or consistantly hit goals in a month. I don't wear my watch everyday so you can see I have bits missing on my goal sheet :-( No stickers for me this month.

The Watch taps you and reminds you to stand up if you have been sat down for longer than 1 hour. This may sound lazy but it is handy and does make you realise that sometimes you don't stand up when your in the office and you have been on a meeting. The goal is set for 12 minutes of standing still per day.

You can also send pictures of your favourite things to fellow watch wearers but also moving emoji's.

There was an update to the software iOS 2 on the Apple Watch this week which has unlocked some new features.

You can now make a photo album on your iPhone and stream it to your watch as a background so everytime you move your wrist you get a different photo.

Or select a city Singapore, New York, London and Paris are available as time-lapse backgrounds which change the city depending on the time of day. This is the New York one which shows traffic moving on the streets and clouds moving in the sky. 

So you can basically have anything on your watch face now :-)

I have ordered a new watch strap in Lavender, as I did buy Black with the watch as it was the most sensible option but now there has been a release of 10 new colours, I wanted something a bit more subtle than the bright colours available previously. It has got a 3 week waiting time, so I will Instagram once I have received it. I am also slightly gutted that the watch now comes in a rose 'pink' metal as I do have the dark grey so I am hoping the lavender strap will still look as good.

Love Miss K xx
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