31 August 2015

Miss K's Wardrobe | OOTD for a special occasion

Outfit planning on the bedroom floor - top tip

This weekend we celebrated the newest edition to my family with a christening. It's so nice to get dressed up and catch up with the family and it is rare we are all in one place at the same time. 

The weather has been a bit hit and miss the last couple of weeks so I was in a outfit pickle. I wanted to wear colour but couldn't find anything I liked in the shops, then I was going to wear a black skirt but then I needed a top and blazer / cardigan to go with it and I was just getting stressed. I had to have a word with myself and say... why are you not following your own advice? 

What do I already have in the wardrobe?
I decided to go with my favourite skirt from Coast (2 years since I bought it), it has sentimental value for me not just being the best wardrobe item ever purchased. 

Why? I bought this skirt at the beginning of my diet and the dream of fitting into it seemed so far away, it instantly makes me smile when I see it in my wardrobe and makes me happy when I am wearing it :-)

Due to unpredictable weather I decided to abandon my open toe platform sandals and picked up these cute low heel court from Tesco only £16! I knew I would be on my feet a lot so these were a great option. (They also do them in leopard print and dark red so I may need to go back).

Recycled picture from a previous post, but it was same items I used

Whistles Rivington Clutch bag - I got it for Christmas but this bag really does go with everything and they do keep doing similar styles. This is the large version.

LOVE this YSL parfum and it's nice you can smell it on yourself and everyone always comments asking what it is.

Necklace is an old one from Accessorize. Statement necklaces can be expensive but this one was around £25 and it was totally worth it. Goes with everything, suitable for any occasion and I think its probably 4 years old!

Did you see my previous post? Saturday was a new Lipstick day! Thank you Charlotte Tilbury for making beautiful makeup!

My mum and I having a selfie before heading to the christening..

Top Tips for an occasion - 
  1. Do not panic purchase
  2. Look in your wardrobe, do you have something you could recycle?
  3. Do not think 'I have already got a picture of myself on Facebook / Insta etc wearing this, I can't wear it again..' YES YOU CAN!
  4. Wear something you feel good in
  5. If its too tight (be honest) = don't wear it
  6. If its too short and you don't feel comfortable = don't wear it
  7. Take chances and wear a colourful lipstick  - it instantly glam's up your outfit
  8. Do what I do and plan your outfit out on the bed or floor before putting it on - visualise, do I have everything I need?

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