23 August 2015

Food | Sweet Tooth Delivery - cake shop

Something exciting happened in Durham a few weeks ago.. a new cake shop opened with a difference called Sweet Tooth!

A Cake Shop - that you don't sit in for a break with a cup of tea or coffee to go with it .... You can eat it at home, in your bunny onesie and watch your favourite tv show on an evening! RESULT!

I first noticed the store near Sainsbury's local in Belmont so I popped in for a menu to find out more. Before I could go back to try it out, only a few weeks later another branch popped up in Durham city centre (Near Boots and Next). 

Sweet Tooth Delivery is not just a cake shop, as you can tell from the name, it also delivers! Operating in Durham for students only since 2009 the concept is already proven to be popular. So you can either go in and collect or ring and get a delivery. 

I haven't done any deliveries, I much prefer to go and choose from the counter. However, I am yet to track down a rhubarb & custard cupcake, either they are so good they alway run out or they haven't been very popular so they have cut way back on quantities.

To order, you choose what you want by staring at all the cakes in the glass counter - considering them all of course. 

Once you have decided you place your order and pay...then in a few moments you are presented with a white cake box with your chosen yummy cake inside wrapped in branded paper - to keep it in perfect condition. 

Only thing missing is the branded napkins and complimentary forks (if you can't wait to get home and end up having a nibble in the car).

I am pretty good at baking (I get it from my mum), and I am confident I could make this cake no problem but it is time consuming making a cake so large and colourful, that this does seem the easier option and probably healthier as your limited to one portion haha.

At £3.85 per slice it is more than I thought it would be. But i know there are running costs and your paying for the convenience, so I cannot grumble. The cupcakes are £2 and Brownies are around £1.75. 

I was surprised to see there is no difference in the prices for collection and delivery, all you just need to do is add on up to £3 for delivery charge depending on your location in the surrounding area (see the menu for details).

The first time we picked up some cakes to try we shared 2 slices between 3 of us and I have to be honest, we struggled with the sugar overload.

We tried the Skittles Rainbow Cake and Mint Areo Fudge cake and both were super delicious. The Rainbow cake won for me - each layer had a different flavour (purple is the best) and the white icing is super sweet.

There is a cake missing from the menu in my opinion - the good old fashioned Victoria Sponge? I know there are lots of choices that include chocolate bars we all love but sometimes the you can't go wrong with a classic #wishlist

The menu also states that whole cakes can be purchased so I have enquired on the cost of a whole skittles cake, if it is affordable I will consider buying one for a special occasion as a gift for someone. 

So next time you need a sweet treat, you can either drive and park outside the belmont store, have a wander into Durham city or just get it delivered!

Let me know which is your favourite cake so I can try it next time!

You can follow the shop on Instagram - @Sweettoothdelivery

Love Miss K xx
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