8 August 2015

Fashion | Mirrored Sunglasses

Don't ask me how this happened... but my volume of sunglasses has increased significantly in the last few months. Mirrored sunglasses have been popular for at least 2 summers now but this year it seems to be everywhere.

I don't have my original first pair anymore, they were some Ray Ban Aviators with the green flash lens. I LOVE green but these sunglasses made me feel dizzy  so they had to go. 

I was then searching for a replacement pair so last summer I copied my lovely friend Miss AJ and got the Ray Ban Oversized Clubmasters in the orange flash lens. These have now become my firm favourites and I love them! I took them to Dubai with me last November and now on my latest holiday to Menorca in July.

On my holidays last week with my favourites in hand
There isn't many times I can wear my favourite sunglasses with my favourite dress of the same colour and match my lipstick too!

You don't have to just wear them on holidays!
Next are a pair I bought in a lovely jewellery store on holiday called Bijou Brigitte but I have googled and it seems there is one locally to me in the UK, so I am pretty pleased. I will go and look for it soon and see what else I can get. How did I not notice this store earlier...#fail 

They are purple frosted frames with gold detail on the sides with purple / pink mirrored lens.

Making their debut, going to find more shops
Stopped for a Mint Choc Chip Milkshake while waiting for the bus back to hotel

You know how I said I ditched my original mirrored aviators... I didnt like the style but I did like the colour so when I found a dupe pair in wayfarer style for only 5 Euro which is cheap as chips I thought why not..

Wearing them for dinner - they matched my bag 

I also picked up these on the same stall they are probably not many peoples taste but as my love of green is for the long haul, I picked up these camouflage frames with gold / green lens.

Last up is my Accessorize pair that was a pre summer purchase because I was desperate for a pair of pink reflective lens and this was the closest I could find at the time. 

They aren't my favourites but as they turn from shades of purple, green to pink they do match alot of outfits - win win.

Why do I like mirrored sunglasses so much? 
  • I think they can add a pop of colour to any outfit, especially if its plain 
  • They instantly make a sunny day brighter as the colour makes it feel all summery even if its cold outside
  • You don't have to pay £100+ for a pair anymore as they are more widely available, but my favourite pair are the most expensive. You can tell they are better quality and I guess the UV rating is more guaranteed
  • Try on different styles, don't just buy what your favourite celebrity is wearing. Like my original pair, I bought them because aviators seemed the most popular choice when I was first looking into them but they didnt suit me
  • Take a chance and try something different
@ me on some of your pictures if you decide to try them out.

Love Miss K xx
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