31 August 2015

Miss K's Wardrobe | OOTD for a special occasion

Outfit planning on the bedroom floor - top tip

This weekend we celebrated the newest edition to my family with a christening. It's so nice to get dressed up and catch up with the family and it is rare we are all in one place at the same time. 

The weather has been a bit hit and miss the last couple of weeks so I was in a outfit pickle. I wanted to wear colour but couldn't find anything I liked in the shops, then I was going to wear a black skirt but then I needed a top and blazer / cardigan to go with it and I was just getting stressed. I had to have a word with myself and say... why are you not following your own advice? 

What do I already have in the wardrobe?
I decided to go with my favourite skirt from Coast (2 years since I bought it), it has sentimental value for me not just being the best wardrobe item ever purchased. 

Why? I bought this skirt at the beginning of my diet and the dream of fitting into it seemed so far away, it instantly makes me smile when I see it in my wardrobe and makes me happy when I am wearing it :-)

Due to unpredictable weather I decided to abandon my open toe platform sandals and picked up these cute low heel court from Tesco only £16! I knew I would be on my feet a lot so these were a great option. (They also do them in leopard print and dark red so I may need to go back).

Recycled picture from a previous post, but it was same items I used

Whistles Rivington Clutch bag - I got it for Christmas but this bag really does go with everything and they do keep doing similar styles. This is the large version.

LOVE this YSL parfum and it's nice you can smell it on yourself and everyone always comments asking what it is.

Necklace is an old one from Accessorize. Statement necklaces can be expensive but this one was around £25 and it was totally worth it. Goes with everything, suitable for any occasion and I think its probably 4 years old!

Did you see my previous post? Saturday was a new Lipstick day! Thank you Charlotte Tilbury for making beautiful makeup!

My mum and I having a selfie before heading to the christening..

Top Tips for an occasion - 
  1. Do not panic purchase
  2. Look in your wardrobe, do you have something you could recycle?
  3. Do not think 'I have already got a picture of myself on Facebook / Insta etc wearing this, I can't wear it again..' YES YOU CAN!
  4. Wear something you feel good in
  5. If its too tight (be honest) = don't wear it
  6. If its too short and you don't feel comfortable = don't wear it
  7. Take chances and wear a colourful lipstick  - it instantly glam's up your outfit
  8. Do what I do and plan your outfit out on the bed or floor before putting it on - visualise, do I have everything I need?

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Love Miss K xx
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16 August 2015

Fashion | Inside my holiday wardrobe

Yes I always over pack for holidays... I can't help it I need options! Lucky for me I was able to max out my 22kg allowance (I was only away 1 week) and I still had to sneak a pair of wedges into Mr P's suitcase. 

When I was trying to pack for this holiday it was scary to see how much I have in my wardrobe to choose from, but as I knew this holiday was going to be a bit more casual as we would be spending our evenings in the resort compared to going out to eat and drink.

I decided I wanted outfit options for breakfast, when poolside, day trips and evenings so I tried to plan this when I was packing. 

It is important to be comfortable when on holiday, so here is a few Miss K top tips:-
1) Pack items you know you are going to enjoy wearing
2) If you are going somewhere hot heavy fabrics are not ideal 
3) Fabrics that crease easily in your luggage are never going to get an outing if there is no iron to use when you get there - you will know which ones these are in your wardrobe 
4) Try to mix and match with other items you are packing so you can get multiple wears out for them - I don't mind wearing the same thing twice, I just try to wear it slightly different by wearing my hair in a different way or pairing it with different necklaces and sandals.

You have probably seen me wear this ASOS dress 1 million times via Instagram but i love wearing it and it doesn't matter how many times I wash it, it never loses it's shape and the material is still perfect condition. Wish they had done it again this year :-( I ironed the dress before I went and hung it up when I arrived at the hotel.

I wore it with my Primark black circle sunglasses £3 with my Whistles Green Clutch and Tesco sandals.

Sorry, I know people hate feet.. but my sandals are pretty  
To accessorize I added some gold tattoos to my hands, but I was so disappointed that they only lasted for 10 minutes. I took these pics, then by the time I sat down at the table for the evening meal, they had vanished. 

It was hot but I didn't go anywhere near water so not sure what happened, I was thinking did I dream that I was wearing them so I checked my camera roll. I was right, they just rubbed off and vanished. Lessons learnt - I will just have to keep them for sunny days in the UK.

Next outfit is my bright orange dress, you probably saw this pic in my previous post about mirror sunglasses but I couldn't do a post about my favourite holiday outfits without including this dress.

I got it from very last summer,  bright colours look lovely in the sun and I try to wear little amounts black. I wore black clothing for so long when I was larger and trying to hide that I try to wear colours all the time now.

The last outfit to tell you about is the only new outfit I bought for holiday.

My beautiful necklace was £14.99 from H&M, I first noticed it in the store because it had a green ribbon tie but then I took a closer look at the shards and beads will go with so many different tops and dresses throughout summer and autumn.

It was a little sharp to wear at first, but it was fine after a while when I got used to it. 

With the necklace I wore my favourite cream soft touch vest from M&S, I have a few of these in black, cream & white. 

These vests are a must have for day or evening they also do them in other colours and are only £5 each (You will find them in the lingerie section). I don't buy my vests from anywhere else now.

I wore the cream vest with a Gok Wan skirt (from Sainsburys) that I have had my eye on for a while so when it went in the sale for £8 before I went away I thought why not! You cannot see it clearly here but it is black with black polka dots which are lifted up on the fabric. 

Close up of skirt and my new sandals

I didn't take photos of anymore evening outfits but I do like to take pictures of my sandals. They rarely make photos so I always like to take a picture of my feet.

No more holidays booked at the moment, but I am trying to decide if I can afford to go back to Dubai for some winter sun. I will keep you posted.

Love Miss K xx
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10 August 2015

Mahon, Menorca | La Cantina Cafe and a boat trip

I've not been to Menorca before but it is a firm favourite with Mr P's family so this year we joined them for a week for a little summer break.

In todays post I have a great salad to tell you about plus a glass bottom boat trip. 

It was a bit of an off day on the Saturday we were there so we decided to venture out to Mahon but to be honest it worked out for the best. It had been a bit too hot for me and I could enjoy the views more as it was still bright but nice temperature to walk around in. A little bit of rain was not going to stop us enjoying our day out.

I will tell you about the boat trip in a moment but I loved the little cafe we had some tasty lunch in while we were there.

Mrs W recommended we try the La Cantina for some lunch as she had been previously and really enjoyed the food plus admired the interiors.

There was no seats available outside when we arrived so we sat inside but I didn't mind, it was lovely in there. It was light and airy with some Portuguese songs playing to enjoy.

I think most of the furniture was Ikea (totally up my street) but there were some nice touches (simple but lovely).

If you fancied a glass of wine there were reviews and prices on the wall along with a hanging bottle so you could recognise the label (I thought it was a little brave to hang full bottles). 

I just had a sprite to drink with my salad, I had sampled the local Gin earlier in the week and decided to skip any day time drinking... oops!

I saw burgers and tapas go passed me while I was waiting for my salad, and I was having food choice regrets... but when my dish arrived I was not disappointed. 

Chicken Caesar salad has to be one of my all time faves, and there is so many variations and for me there has to be absolutely no sign of any anchovies!

Lettuce, Pine Nuts, Chicken in breadcrumbs, crispy bacon, homemade croutons and parmesan - not forgetting just the right amount of caesar sauce - I was a very happy Miss K. Easy to recreate at home and I think I will very soon.

While in Mahon we took a boat trip around the harbour, it only lasted 1 hour but I really enjoyed it and 1 hour flew by. 

When Mrs W first suggested the boat trip, I had to be honest and say I wasn't sure about going, but I went and I am glad I did.

It cost around 11 euro per adult to go on board the Don Joan and this particular boat only went out 4 times a day compared to a yellow boat which left at least double that per day and the boat was much smaller.

I hadn't been on a boat trip in years, I remember going on a lovely trip in Lake Garda, Italy years ago with my family but never a glass bottom one so I wasn't sure what I was going to see.

I started off on the middle main deck with a choice to go upstairs where it was open top or below where you could see only the water.

There was around 25 items on the list to see while on the tour and there was a full explanation about each site in English and Spanish plus a brochure if you wanted to read ahead. 

Little Venice - Richard Branson has stayed here

Miss K & Mr P enjoying the boat trip
Below deck before the boat stopped for a short time
Once stopped we could see some fish  
Out on the deck it was lovely to take in the views
There were some nice boats docked in the Marina
After the boat trip we walked back through the town, most of the shops were shut by 4pm which was a shame as I had seen some nice things to buy :-(

Mahon was a very colourful town 
Historical Fish Market
I did have a lovely day out - hope you enjoyed this post.

Love Miss K xx
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