4 July 2015

Fashion | Inside Olivia Palermo's Travel Wardrobe!

Thank you Vogue Video for making this come true... We get to jump inside Olivia Palermo's travel wardrobe (I can't believe how much stuff she has with her)! Olivia is like a real life Carrie Bradshaw and I think she has tried to do that in someways...  cast our minds back to her wedding shoes.
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This video only last for 4 minutes but there is lots of top tips to take away!

What are your top Wardrobe Staples Olivia?
Leather Trousers
White Chiffon Shirt
Selection of Blazers, Coats, Jeans and sweaters

What would you say your look is?
Classic rock but uptown  

Favourite Designers?
Amy Tibi, Francesco Russo, Valentino & Dior

It's all about Perfection & Detail..

When I travel I have to steam & comb my shoes so they are in perfect condition

Edited Style

Wear what you LOVE

Quick Quiz -
Flats or Heels? BOTH
Sporty or Romantic? Sporty
Morning or Evening? Morning
Hates? ill fitting suits and Bad shoes!

Watch the Vogue Video here!

Love Miss K xx
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