11 July 2015

Book Review | Front Roe - by Louise Roe

This beautiful lady has been around in the fashion world for as long as I can remember but is only 2 years older than me. She has done so much and on reflection has made me feel like have I done very little since I finished my Journalism degree not too long after.

A graduate from Durham University with degree in English Literature, it is so nice to know that this lady has lived in the city I currently do for a couple of years of her life. 

Louise Roe moved to LA over 6 years ago and has really established herself as a fashion icon. I  remember reading articles and opinion pieces in Elle and Company magazine by Louise plus her numerous TV series on fashion and lifestyle.

I follow Louise on instagram she is frequently posting so we get to see what she is up to, what amazing food she eats and wonderful clothes she wears.

I just couldn't wait to get hold of this book! Here are some highlights!

"Finding the perfect lipstick is equivalent to finding a killer pair of jeans."p189

Louise gives advice in this chapter about Lip Liner myths and how it is intact a 'genius' makeup item. She also covers how to apply lipstick and even that perfects lipsticks come in hat tricks for that perfect occasion!

"I have enough scarves to open a little boutique." p86

This sounds a little familiar from my years at Accessorize. I once gave away 20 scarves in a free give away in the office as I ran out of space to keep all of them. 

"What you eat has a huge effect on how your hair looks."p158

Louise gives advice on how good hair care starts from the inside out. From blow drying hair daily to looking after the scalp. Probably things I hadn't really thought of before now.

"Love your Living Room! Be punchy and bold." p241

"Like Carrie Bradshaw after 2 years in LA I used my oven for STORAGE!" p255

"Make your skin look younger and fresher, with my smart lifestyle habits." 
(Avoid sugar, sleep and exercise) p125

I am getting quite a collection of bloggers turning to writing books for us to read offline. 

My favourites are Tanya Burr's 'Love Tanya', Madeline Shaw's 'Get the glow' and Fleur de Force's 'Glam guide'. 

New to my shelf is 'Life with a sprinkle of glitter' but I haven't read it all yet.

I love this book so much that I bought it again and gifted it for my beautiful friend Miss AJ who is truly an inspiration and is very Louise Roe in many ways. She is a go getter and career girl. 

Hope you have enjoyed this quick book review! The photographs, illustrations and top tips are amazing and well worth £10!

If you like Louise Roe, you may like Laura @buynowbloglater , Electra Formosa or Olivia Palmero (of course!) did you see last weeks blog post?

Love Miss K xx
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