20 June 2015

NE Review | Northumberlandia - Lady of the North

This wasn't meant to be today's post that has now been bumped to Monday as I just couldn't wait to tell you about my adventure to Northumberlandia.

My friend Miss BW told me about this place agessss ago but I totally forgot to go so earlier in the week I made plans with Miss SG to go on a Mini adventure to Crammlington to visit the 'Lady of the North'.

I am a frequent visitor to Newcastle Airport and have never noticed this lady just before landing so next time I will be looking out for her.

Free Parking (donation of £2 is suggested on the entrance) but i think this donation is a small price to pay to visit this attraction.

Source - Aerial View of Northumberlandia

From the car park it is a 2 minute walk through some woodland on a dirt track not sure what condition this would be on a wet day.

There are a couple of maps at the entrance so you can plan your walk but after this there is no sign posting or information. I think it might be useful if there was a fact find at the different body parts to explain a bit more about the design instead I have had to google.

She is made of 1.5 million tonnes of rock, clay and soil, 
she is 100 feet high and a quarter of a mile long

Map of the park
Here are pictures from today's walk (we spent approx 1.5 hours here but I think on a sunnier day we may have stayed longer as there was plenty of benches around the park to sit and relax). 

This was steepest part of the park to climb to the face but suitable for all ages as it is a gradual drop so it would be ok to take kids with you. Pushchairs would also get round ok if your wheels were ok. Wear sensible shoes as it is not a smooth surface.

Miss K pointing towards Angel of the North

After over 4000 fit bit steps around the park we were ready for a snack at a local cafe - review coming up next week!

Angel of the North is still great for a look and you could easily do both in the same day (17 miles south on A1). 

(Northumberlandia > SAT NAV NE23 8AU)

Love Miss K xx
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