11 October 2020

Fashion | Converse collection

Converse is now one of my wardrobe staples - I am building up quite a collection.

I have always struggled to be casual and didn't really own many pairs of trainers I wouldn't wear for the gym. But I started wearing them more often and decided that Converse pretty much go with everything, skirts, dresses & jeans. 

My first pair were grey (previous post) and that was a good colour to start with as I found they went with most things in my wardrobe and I found them comfy, except for one thing. Sometimes I find my toes get cold, is this just me? 

After wearing them lots they were looking a bit worse for wear so I bought some black ones recently. They are brilliant! Perfect for any time of year, I haven't had them off my feet. I haven't got rid of the grey ones, but they are sitting in the back versions box until further notice.

Black Vs White

When looking for other colours to purchase I never considered white, I was looking at mint green, yellow, coral, navy I just couldn't bare the thought of  white trainers getting dirty. 

But then I went for it, I decided I just will keep them for rain free / sunshine days!

Metallic | Leather

Last but not least.... I have saved the best til last! I have been lusting after these for ages since Laura (BNBL) post them on her Instagram last year. I couldn't track them down at first, then once I did they were £55 and it was winter, purchasing summer shoes in winter seemed like a waste of money at the time.

Then when I was out shopping for my black converse in May I found these beauties in the sale for only £33 in office (yes 2 pairs in one day!) The reason they were more expensive than normal fabric converse is because they are made of leather, which means they will hopefully last forever! haha

What colour are your Converse?

Laura's feet - Dec 2014

Love Miss K xx
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