1 June 2015

Miss K's Kitchen | Twist on cauliflower cheese

Cauliflower cheese? But it's green....................

Cauliflower cheese is one of my favourites but now I have made it even better with two vegetables in one. This post is a twist on the classic dish by adding in broccoli into the sauce.

I spied this recipe on Jamie Olivers Food Tube channel (which is amazing btw) he originally made this on his money saving meals show in 2013 which makes it an oldie but goodie.

Jamie recommends to use frozen veg as its a cheaper option. But we had fresh in at the time so I cannot tell you the difference this would make. 

This is a good twist on a traditional side dish but the broccoli cheese sauce would also work on pasta or other vegetables too.

What do you need? - serves 4 
(I didn't put the extent of Jamie's ingredients as I didn't want to add in garlic and extra cheese)
1kg Cauliflower florets and short stalks - boil 
500g Broccoli florets and stalks - boil then blend
White sauce (butter, plain flour and milk)
100g Cheddar Cheese (grated) - more or less to taste
2 slices of bread (turn to breadcrumbs - I popped mine in the blender for a minute)

1) Prepare and boil the cauliflower until ready (should be just turning soft)
2) Place the boiled cauliflower in your chosen dish (I use a shallow dish)
3) Prepare and boil the broccoli until soft while you making the white sauce
4) Add 50% of the cheese into the white sauce and simmer until thick
5) Once broccoli is ready pop into the blender then add to white sauce
6) Then cover the broccoli sauce over the cauliflower then sprinkle the cheese over the top (to taste as it depends on size of dish) then add the breadcrumbs then bake for 25 minutes at 180 degrees (or until golden brown).

Jamie's looked like this
Let me know if you try it, this is now one of our family favourites!

Love Miss K xx
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