22 June 2015

Beauty | Garnier skincare

My favourite Garnier products I use on a daily basis 

Garnier Moisture Match - now renamed as Moisture + Radiance
This is one of the best products I have discovered this year. I found it on google when looking for a dupe of Clinque moisture surge gel (approx £36 for £50ml). This product is exactly the same consistency, provides the same affect on my skin (super soft) for only £5.99 per 50 ml tube and is available at most Boots stores.  I use it as my daily moisturiser to go under my foundation so the fact it dries quickly is a bonus as I am usually in a rush.

There is no going back to clinque now, I can now spend the £30 a month on something else!

Received in my May Little Box and I have to be honest I did place it to one side as I didn't feel my skin needed it. But after I suffered from a bad cold recently my skin became really dry and even my Liz Earle products didn't work as they normally would. This cream has a soft peach jelly type consistency and has a comforting relaxing smell, like the gel it soaks into the skin quickly. 
It has really recovered my skin and it is now back to normal... thank you Garnier.

Once I have removed my makeup I cleanse my face with Liz Earle cleanse and polish then apply this cream all over my face except my eyes (i use a different product around my eyes).

For the price you cannot expect 'miracles' (£9.99) but I am happy it made my skin soft and rejuvenated, when it runs out I will probably buy another.

My last product was not an item I would have tried out usually but it was 50% cheaper than my usual Johnson & Johnson but I thought I would try these for a change. They have a lovely fresh fragrance and are wet enough to remove your eye make up (you would be surprised how many wipes are so dry I end up running them under the tap). I can't say they have improved my skin but they were worth the £1.59 I paid for them.

My only complaint is that the wipe turns into a very thin cotton wool after use so even though they did what I expected they went back to full price, I will probably revert back to my usual.

Love Miss K xx
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