11 May 2015

North East | Angel of the North

Sometimes you forget to be a tourist where you live as you see these points of interest all the time and think "I've seen it I don't need to make a special trip".

I am a Yorkshire girl who has been living in the North East for 7 years now, but not as long as the 'Angel of the North' who arrived in Gateshead in 1998. 

I have been asking around friends and family for a few weeks who are 'locals' and I only actually found 1 out of 10 who had visited the Angel. 

Angel of the North | Antony Gormley
20 metres tall / wingspan of 54 metres / 
Made of 200 tonnes of steel

I regularly pass the Angel on the A1 motorway when I visit the shopping centre nearby. According to the local council, over 90k people pass the angel on a daily basis. This does sound crazy and I am sure some people will drive passed twice per day if they commute from Durham to Newcastle.

I went with my friends Miss B (who is born and bred in the North East) and her partner Mr C who had both not visited the Angel before. 

We parked at the free car park, there is probably only 10 spaces for cars but also some space for a coach (My friend told me there didn't used to be any proper car parking available so this put people off visiting).

Miss B & Miss K
Mr C
Lucky for us there was only 3 other visitors there when we were on a Tuesday lunchtime, which is great if you want to take some photographs as you don't have to wait very long for them to clear out of the way.... this might not be as easy on a weekend or school holidays.

The first thing to note when you are walking the 1 minute from the car park to the angel is the vast size, it's strange as I knew 'she' stood tall but I had no idea until I got up so close.

There is a path around the circumference but to stand directly underneath like I did you have to walk up a little hill which it suddenly got very windy and I thought my iPhone was going to blow out of my hand (I would have cried a little).

I will definitely be going again soon for another visit and I will now be dragging all my local pals who have no idea how amazing this is which is literally on our doorstep.

While we were there for 30 minutes (which is enough time unless your taking a picnic), we experienced every season of weather including hail, rain, wind and sunshine.. so these pics all look like they were different days! I promise they weren't.  

Facts in the carpark

Love Miss K xx
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