22 May 2015

Beauty Haul | Mac lipsticks part 1 - The Brights

I would still consider myself new to bright lip colours, and the novelty of Mac lipsticks hasn't worn off so I am clocking up a sizeable collection. They are not a bad price as they are high quality and theres a massive choice of colours. 

They are £15.50 in UK department or Mac stores, but I try to purchase the ones I have my eye on when I pass through Heathrow T5 as they are £12.90 which is a little saving but makes a difference if you are buying a couple at once.

I have been loving purple / hot pink shades, I had the perfect colour in my mind, and the ones I have bought are pretty close to what I was looking for. I keep a list in my notes on my iPhone as to what I already have and I also have a wish list...(dangerous).

I love matte lipsticks for the staying power and the strength of colour, but it does mean you have to keep touching it up if you have a drink or a bite to eat. 

I think they are perfect for afternoon cocktails / evenings out but I have to remember they are a treat and not for everyday wear. If I start wearing them everyday they will lose their impact and won't feel special. 

I will be covering in part 2 my everyday favourites.

L-R Impassioned | Girl about town | Flat out fabulous | Up the amp | Saint Germain
I have tried out the first three from the left and I love them! 

But the two on the right I haven't quite made my mind up on yet - 

Up the Amp, looks better than it is, seems a strange thing to say and it is a gorgeous colour to look at then I put it on and I feel its darker than I am expecting and seems quite wintery - I will save it for later in the year.

Saint Germain, also looks a different colour to what it comes through as best way to describe it is a summery electric pink. I need to test it out but I think it's the same colour as a Topshop one I got last summer so I will have to park this til the sun comes out plus I need a tan.

All of the following pictures are my favourites -  all pretty long lasting with the amplified type being probably the best as they are strong in colour but with a little bit of moisture, where the matte is a lovely colour but goes on very flat and I don't really like to add a lipgloss on top.

MAC - Girl about town - VERY bright pink (amplified)
MAC - Flat out fabulous - bright purple pink (Matte)
MAC - Impassioned - bright red with a hint of pink (amplified)
If you don't feel brave enough to try brights, just buy one to start with probably a nice red is a good place to start. New Look have some nice colours for £3.99 and Topshop a little bit more for around £8. 

If you still aren't sure ask a friend, they are usually too honest for their own good. Have the confidence to wear it and feel empowered. You will be surprised how much it changes up your outfit.

Love this picture from the Fleur De Force book - 

Part 2 to follow next with my daily usuals.
Happy Friday!

Love Miss K xx
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