9 March 2015

Lush Review - Big Blue, Avobath & Dreamtime melt update!

As a birthday present to myself I stocked up on a few Lush bath products but I also got a couple as gifts from friends too :-)

I tried some new ones out over the last 2 weeks but only one I would re purchase. The reviews are only my point of view so you may wish to try them out yourself.

Big Blue

I had high hopes for the 'Big Blue' bath bomb after the promise of 'feeling like a mermaid' was mentioned in store. I loved the scent of the bomb and the amazing sea blue bath water.... but the unexpected surprise of seaweed once it had totally disolved put me off getting in the bath at first.

Nothing changed once I was in, I really did feel like I was at the beach. The only thing missing was sand.

I only lasted 15 minutes, I couldn't relax with the bits floating around me. So not really value for money, as a Lush bath for me would normally be for at least double that.

Next up is one my bestie Mrs C bought me for my birthday, the 'Avobath'. 

With citrus flavours and bright green water, I was in my element. 

I popped this in my bath early morning for a refreshing burst of energy first thing.


I will be repurchasing for another time when I need a boost in the morning, it's like Berocca for the bath. 

I am more than sure I have told you about my allllllll time favourite bath melt, 'Dream Time' before.... but if you missed it or I am losing my marbles YOU have to purchase this next time you are near lush.

Dream Time is so nice just before bed if you really need to wind down, relax and be feeling all hot and cosy ready for jumping straight into bed once you are ready.

Dream Time Melt

I had a major headache when I purchased 'Dream Time' a few weeks ago. The girl behind the counter in the Metro Centre, Gateshead said this will cure your headache. I said I hope so.... 

She says it will... before you pop it in your bath, massage the bar on your temples and across your forehead. Then once you get in the bath give your head a gentle rub with the melt already on your skin and relax.

It was so nice, and I can really recommend it if you have a headache or really want to relax a little bit extra after a bad day. 

I am heading back to Lush this week to stock up!

What is your favourite Lush product?

Love Miss K xx
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