1 March 2015

Finding the perfect party dress...! ASOS saves the day!

I am one day late posting to my usual... I have a good excuse! I have been busy celebrating my birthday!

The topic of todays blog comes from a conversation I had with my girlie pals when we went out yesterday. Celebrating my birthday these days is much more fun and a much different story to how it used to be. 

2 years ago the thought of going out and celebrating a birthday brought panic, looking for excuses not to leave the house and feeling quite emotional. Not because I was turning a year older but because I wouldn't be able to find anything to wear or want to be seen out. Being a plus size meant I was usually limited of choice and the clothes were always quite dark. 

My friends now confess to me that they knew how I was feeling but they wanted to celebrate with me (thanks ladies).

Now I am a smaller dress size there is more options to choose from but I still spent a few weeks looking for the perfect outfit, but not because I didn't want to go, but because I want to look and feel happy on my birthday.

ASOS always saves the day! 

Last year I got a lovely black and white dress for my birthday party. This year I found a beautiful bright blue dress with beautiful embroidery detail in all my favourite colours - 

Sorry... this dress is already sold out. But I am sure there will be something similar coming along soon. Thats the good thing about Asos, if it's a success they usually repeat in a different colour way. 

The shape of the dress is perfect for me, as it compliments my shape, its not too short and the burst of colour makes me smile. I chose to wear the red lipstick too :-)

Wearing Charlotte Tilbury - So Marilyn Lipstick

Sold out  - ASOS 50% off

My friends and I headed to Newcastle yesterday for an afternoon out. First of all we had happy hour cocktails at Las Iguana's then a late lunch at Carluccios.  The food was delicious, it has always been one of my favourites. I have linked below what I ordered.

After food we went to a new champagne bar called Glass House then we ended our night in Tokyo. 

Double birthday celebrations with Miss S
Carluccio's 'Grissini' 
Carluccios - Penne Giardiniera
Oooh I nearly forgot....a little surprise arrived in a huge box before I went out from one of my lovely friends Miss AJ. We haven't known each other very long but we have very similar wardrobes, even things we have had for years. Fashion twinnies! 

You don't have to see a friend everyday to make them special. Thanks Miss AJ!

Miss K xx
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